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[v4 and P3Dv5] FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY PROFESSIONAL V4 already compatible with Prepar3d v5 !

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Hi all,

I can give you news that FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY PROFESSIONAL v4 is already compatible with Prepar3d v5 WITHOUT a new build!

Our latest build (that you arelady have)  works very well with new Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v5 simulator!


 For video product and showcase please visit:





I remember you the key features we have in FlightControlReplay:



- RE-FLY INSTANT REPLAY. User while flying, using FlightControlReplay in InstantReplay mode, can go backward for last 2 minutes of his flight and if he want , he can RESUME HIS FLIGHT FROM ANY YELLOW SLIDER POINT simply pushing Stop Button.  


- RENDERING VIDEO (ALPHA). User can start Video Render pushing dedicated command bar button. In that way FlightControlReplay starts video capture of Simulator Main Camera View. At this time this feature is in Alpha stage. Video render creates an AVI file uncompressed in Windows User Pictures folder, named with a TimeStamp of start video rendering. In Options Dialog, User can change FramePerSecond of rendering (15-30) and Quality recording percentage (10-100). FILE AVI IS UNCOMPRESSED (ALPHA) AND CAN BE VERY BIG. This feature can be very useful for video makers used both with "PLAYMODE SIMULATION RATE" feature. (NO SOUND)


- PMDG 737 / 747 / 777 enhanced recording and playing. User can record and replay his Flight using PMDG planes with more accuracy.


- InGame Menu. User can use FlightControlReplay v4 main features also using a very useful InGame Menu directly displayed inside Simulators. For

example User can Load a FlightRecorded, Start stop and pause replay, start and stop video rendering, resume his previous flight. 


- InGame Dynamic Text during Replay. User can write Notes at any point in a Replay Flight loaded in FCR using Dynamic Text buttons

that appears below Yellow Slider when User loads Flight Recorded. At this manner User will able to pause Flight Recorded at a custom point into timeline and clicking

DynamicText edit button or delete button User can add , modify or delete notes.  This Notes will be visible in FCR User Interface and also in Simulator playing Replay Flight. Dynamic Text can be customized via FCR Option dialog (Show duration in Seconds, Text Type and  Text Color). 


- FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY P3DX ENHANCED VERSION One FlightControlReplay for (FSX/P3D all versions )and one

FlightControlReplay Prepar3d Native version for better performance hits in playback and PlayAsAI feature! User can be choose  which version run!  Prerequisite for

FlightControlReplay Prepar3d Native version is .NET framework 4.6.2


- PlayAsAI (Alpha Optimization). User can choose and play your preferred Recorded Flight as AI Traffic. You have all options available that

you already have in standard playing mode,  change simulation rate on the fly or use User Interface Yellow Slider for choose exactly where your AI Traffic can start his

flight.  You can manage more than one recorded flight as AI Traffic using more than one instance of FCR addon at the same time.


- FSFX IMMERSION EFFECT COMPATIBILITY User can see FSFX Immersion effects in his airplane!

Also during FlightControlReplay Play!


- MAJESTIC Q400 ENHANCED SUPPORT User can Record and Play Flight Situation also with this fantastic plane! Thanks to Majestic

Software collaboration!


- HELICOPTER ENHANCEMENTS User can Record and Play Flight Situation also with Helicopter!



Situation also with !





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