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P3D v5 and v4 COMPATIBILITY- status post LM May 2020 hotfixes

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8 hours ago, kgmann said:

graphics memory.

The panel textures were upgraded for SP1.  This has caused issue for some.  Search this subforum for suggesting on reducing their resolution.

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Sorry, thats not what I asked.

I simply want to know if the developers are going to make the aircraft compatible for V5, WITHOUT messing around with any fixes or reducing texture resolution.

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On 6/3/2020 at 10:41 PM, DABspotting said:

Are you going to make a staus list like there was for SP1?

Likely we will tell what's new once we release SP2.

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Our EMBv3 was  compatible with P3D5 with the exception of one plugin we use for the cockpit glass.  Until we implement SP2 to receive an update for this plugin from it's developer l, in addition to other aircraft updates, you can enjoy the EMBv3 under initial release of P3D5 (the version prior to Lockheed Martin's service patches) by modifying it a bit:

* Please go to the plane's panel folder and locate the file named "A2A_windshield.dll". Either rename it or remove it (after you made a backup) and the plane will work.

* Also we recommend adjusting the Mipmap VC textures under the Graphics setting.


Please note that Lockheed Martin's recent, late May '20, service patches to version 5 and version 4 of P3D have broken many components to the aircraft simulation. These new incompatibilities are being researched and service patches will be released once solutions are found.

At this time feel their recommends using a pre-May '20 version of P3Dv4.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.


- Vic & feelThere team.



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