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Cant dial in more than 400 feet in MCP


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This is my issue. I cant seem to dial in anything over 400 feet into the MCP. The old version of the Ejets I could right click and enter altitudes in 1000 feet increments., This I cant get more than 400 feet.

Can anyone help please?



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The functionality hasn't changed.

You can also hold the <CTRL> key and use the scroll wheel for faster increment changes.

Check your mouse settings for any conflicting assignments.

Check all other P3D utilities to assure there are no conflicting assignments.

If no success try uninstalling and reinstalling being sure to run installer as administrator.

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Yes it works but its not convenient. With the old versions I could use the right and left mouse to change altitude.I cant use them now.

I only uninstalled the old versions today and they were working fine without any conflictions. I havent added or removed anything other than these aircraft. 


Just found the same with the V/S Scroll wheel. I have to use Ctrl to enter anything past 400 for that too!


Just reinstalled the E170 and 190 as Admin again, using the new install option into My Docs. Still exactly the same problem. I have all my controls disabled in P3D and use FSUIPC for calibration and setup.


OK, after a complete reinstall yet again, I find that I still have the issue. Also I have just noticed too that the right andf left click option on the heading selector knob is not working either. I have spent over £100 today on something that is no better than the older versions.

I would therefore like to get a refund for my purchases, as this is just not working as it should.  How can I go about this please?




EDIT Again,

I have found that if I had my settings in P3D set to Metric (Meters ,Millibars), this is what causes the problems. I reverted back to US System and now I can change the dials as I need to. I still cant use the right and left mouse to change quickly and therefore need to use the CTR:L key for that. Now its useable...



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