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Setting up Home built helicopter controls and FSUIPC

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Hi all 

I have build a MD500e Simulator 

I'm using Leo Bodnar board and Vishay 357 potentiometers and full version of fsuipc

I am having an issue with control assignments apart from X being aileron and y being elevator. What should the pedals and throttle be assigned to 

I am trying to get my head around things like 

when I assgn an axis say X aileron do I need to move the cyclic the full range, or can I just move it in one direction a bit for the axi to be pick up 

For some reason I hooked up my cotrols and assigned them but for some reason when I moved the y axis the x axis would move as well 

looking forward to any help 



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that is normal as FSUIPC picks the first axis it sees moving. As it is described in the User Manual, page34 -->.

You will then find on page 35 that it might be needed to press the "Rescan" button and move the axis to assign maybe multiple times before the right one is picked.


If the displayed axis is not the one you want to set, try clicking on the “Rescan” button (top left), then moving the axis
you want to set. If the wrong one comes up again it will be because that one is apparently changing more than the one
you want—FSUIPC selects the one with the greatest changes. To get over that you can choose, temporarily, to ignore
the axis that is interfering with your efforts. To do this, click on the “Ignore axis” button, over there on the right. This
doesn’t ignore it forever, only during the scanning. You can ignore as many as you like, and clear the whole list of
ignored axes by clicking on the “Clr ignores” button at any time.


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Hi Thomas 

Thanks for the reply. I think my biggest problem is I haven't setup my Potentiometers properly in the windows calibration window. Sat down tonight with the Bodnar board and plugged in a potentiometer and played with the setting which is making thing easier to understand

Quick question, wired the pot to the x axis and went through to calibration for the X axis all seemed fine, but when I unplugged the board and moved the pot to the y axis and went to the calibration window it didn’t bring up the calibration square  





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