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FSUIPC6 - Issues with TextMenu [LUA]

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Hi there,

Just updated and moved from P3Dv4/ FSUIPC5 to P3Dv5/ FSUIPC6. I had a Lua script working in FSUIPC5 with the objective to read SimConnect Text from ActiveSky, ProATC, SODE, etc. using 'event.textmenu'.  Somehow, that script does not want to work in v5 and although I've tried to find a reason for the past 24h I could not understand what's going on.

Some info on my side:

  • P3Dv5 Academic
  • Installed in the Documents/Prepar3D v5 Add-ons directory

For testing purposes, I have made my self a very simple version of this script:

function textandmenu(mtype, colour, scroll, delay, id, n, msgs)
    ipc.log("I'M IN ...")

ipc.log("Initializing ...")
event.textmenu(0, "textandmenu")

As you can see in the Log file attached, FSUIPC is waiting for an event:

LUA.0: Waiting for an event in "C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\textmenu.lua"

I use SODE add-on to show a test message in the green bar which should trigger the event (it did in v4); but it doesn't.

I am attaching the .ini, .log and .lua files for your consideration.

Anything else you might need, please do not hesitate in letting me know.

Thank you.




FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.log textmenu.lua

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We have already received reports that the SimConnect Text facilities used to obtain the texts for SimConnect windows and menus are broken. 

I will be testing this today and reporting the details to L-M in their developers forum.  It would be a good idea if you could add your complaint to L-M as well. I think you'll find a thread there for this already.



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1 hour ago, Pete Dowson said:

I think you'll find a thread there for this already.

Actually, there isn't (yet). The other user, 737-SimGuy, said he was going to, but apparently hasn't yet.

I have now verified that P3Dv5 currently does not invoke the events it should be doing for SimConnect Texts and Menus and have posted a suitable bug report in the developers forum.



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33 minutes ago, TazX said:

I think he actually did!! And I followed up as you suggested 😉


Ah, in the Software Development Kit (SDK) Questions area. I didn't think of looking there. I checked the main forums and the SimConnect specific one.

Let's hope for a HotFix soon with L-M taking note of these things.



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We've locate the problem. It's our code, not P3Dv5. It was all to do with Version Checking. The Text events weren't supported till P3Dv4.2 (for creation) and 4.3 (for destruction0, and we had on tidy snippet of code using just the subversion, so P3Dv5 looked like 4.0!! Duh!

This is one of the troubles with trying to support multiple versions when facilities being used change. I wish sometimes we could force all users to keep their sim software up to date!

I expect John will include the fix in the next version of FSUIPC6.



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Hey John,


Sure, give me a couple of minutes and I'll let you know how it goes.



EDIT: It was faster than expected. Textmenu is working GREAT again! Thank you so much!

Edited by TazX
Test Update
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