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Quik Review:

I like it, potential to be a favourite due to cargo and small props, saying that,  some quick things I noticed

717's can get squeezy if they encounter each other on L and G above LG.. they stop.. but a CONT-Taxi helps.

Planes landing on 4L with a gate at the C-taxiway can only use A as exit? so.. a small Cessna has to use the whole runway // D and E exits are not working?

Real Traffic is not that busy.. about 30 planes max/hour, definately needs a custom schedule (hard to get now), I think 80-100 planes/hour is easily feasible here. 30 makes it a little bit boring

I studied HNL last few days, 717's tend to take of mostly from 8L@L, just as props coming from north side. Non-Heavies use 8L from A or V , Heavies and South side jets use 8R, props from southside use 4L/4R.. incoming planes use 8L or 4R haven't seen aproaches from the west jet

Sometimes heavy cargo will go right at the end of 4L


..yes i know, but i don't have an output log atm, these are just some things I noticed

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On 5/16/2020 at 7:27 AM, ashman99 said:

I found an error in the schedule where one of the arrivals is listed with LIH and is suppose to be listed as HNL.
This can cause an issue: 
OGG, LIH, SHF, R9,   14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9

Change it to this:
OGG, HNL, SHF, R9,   14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9

Thank you for your information this issue it will be fix at the next RT update. 

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On 5/16/2020 at 8:09 PM, cwalfy1 said:

Also in the noon hour ga Medevac N911ZF calls but the call sign it uses is <Medevac 911ZD which they won't answer too. Easy fix to change the ga file.


Thank you for your information this issue it will be fix at the next RT update. 

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I was really excited about this release, but it seems from initial reviews and video that some work is needed to fix some simple errors. I've flown in/out of HNL airport many times and as an ATC enthusiast I can tell you it is busy, and should be a challenge to operate. There are lots of small aircraft coming in/out on the short 4L alongside many many heavies on the 8/26. It's really important that this airport allows you to get the small Cessna's off the 4's quickly at  D or E and certainly able to exit at K without stopping to cross 4L (there is no H/S)

Issues with L/G taxiways (which are key to good operation of the HA inter island terminal), missing jetbridges, a general lack of the better graphics we've become used to at some of the newer airport is a bit of a disappointment.

I'm a big supporter of F/T and Tower3D, but this release generally sounds like it's in need of a patch before purchase! (and a better schedule than the R/T one!)



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