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Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle

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Hi every one! hope you're all well. so i actually have the FSUIPC 5 and unfortunately currently im not able to map all the swithches i've got on my Throttle to work and basically do something in the sim.  im mainly using PMDG stuff. and honestly im a bit upset that i spent $800 australian dollars on this throttle just to relise that I can only use the throttles and the spoiler! basically i can only adjust/assign the Axis. buttons and swithches won't do anything eventhough the FSUIPC detects them when i press them. so i was wondering if im doing something wrong, or if FSUIPC V5 is not compatible with this thrustmaster thing. so 1-any ideas on how to get those switches working? and also 2-any ideas if Version 6 will help with the issue i have?

thanks all of you in advanced.


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1. FSUIPC gets its Controller info from Windows but handles up to 32 buttons of a controller, even if it has more 32 is the max

2. PMDG is a add-on AC that uses their own controls to make thinks work. For that they have as well a SDK and you will find in FSUIPC manual, installed in \Modules\ FSUIPC Documents\ folder, please check those. It describes as well that to use those controls in PMDG settings you need to activate their SDK use.

3. FSUIPC6 doesn't handle that different.

As said you need to reed a bit in the supplied manuals, all installed already and as well searching here on the forum how to set up PMDG functions will result in lots of examples.


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12 minutes ago, PeterKaye said:

not really familiar with the term SDK, but i'll find out. cheers 🙂

It's in the name in a folder installed with your PMDG aircraft. Inside it there's a document with filetype .h. That contains a list of assignable controls. It isn't a user friendly document I'm afraid (intended for programmers) -- the list of controls is at the end and you actually have to work out the control number to use in FSUIPC assignments (as "<custom control>".).

If you just, initially, want to check that you can assign things successfully to the buttons on your controls, start with a default aircraft. Then you can assign to the normal FS controls ... easy!

PMDG do their own thing for most of the controls and switches and are more difficult to figure out. There's some helpful posts by other users you could look at -- browse the FAQ subforum above.

Another way, and favoured by many users, is to use Mouse Macros. See the chapter in the FSUIPC User Guide about that.



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