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Arrival & Departure board for T!3D


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Hi everyone

Something I always wanted whilst playing was a departure and arrival board for the airport I was controlling at, for the hour I had selected.

So I've set about doing this for myself and anyone else that would like to have the departures and arrivals listed.

For my test, I made use of @bcooley66's recent KLAX schedule because he already had a spreadsheet available and it was easy to separate departures and arrivals.

My end goal is to make it available for all airports currently available for T3D using the default schedules and then also to somehow allow members to upload their own schedules to the website.

Here is my very first iteration, which I shall call v0.01. It has only departures currently and my next task is:
* have flights listed per hour instead of all them on one page

Here is the temporary URL so that you can have a look.


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Here is a typical excel spreadsheet that I produce for all my airports.

This one is EKCH but the others are in the same format.  Under the Runway heading the B4 etc are the taxiway exits used.   

I run it on a laptop as a third screen to show what is comming up and how much traffic to expect and how to handle the traffic. 


EKCH Laptop Schedule.xlsx

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I uses printed copies for Tower 2011 EGLL
Helpful when trying to work out if arrivals are delayed

Would it possible to integrate with Tower as it runs?
The Arrivals and Departures windows could then be set into a second or third screen

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