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*** Moved from FAQ to main Support Forum ***

Hello how are you doing ? I hope you are well, well, my last option is to ask, since I get tired of looking everywhere and I have not found a solution for my problem and that has already discouraged me from continuing since I started doing scenarios for fsx but it happens to me the following I have the stage soon in ADE and when I want to test if it is working, I give it Connect now with the simulator open and what happens in photo 1 happens and then I have the simulator closed and what happens in photo 2 happens. Is there any solution that will help me? and forgive the inconvenience that I'm new to this hug 

(1)FSUIPC Error #2: FSUIPC_ERR_NOFS. Cannot find FSUIPC or WideFs running on this machine

(2)FSUIPC Error #2:FSUIPC_ERR_VERSION.Incorrect version of FSUIPC

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First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum, where it explicitly states 'NOT for support requests'. Please post all support requests in the main Support forum.

Those messages are from ADE, and so are better contacting their support forum. However, those messages indicate that you have either not installed FSUIPC or you have installed an incompatible version (I have no ide what version is required for ADE - check the requirements). A sinole google search reveals the following links relating to ADE/FSUIPC and your problem:




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