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Door Controls

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Can I please get a definitive answer from Feelthere as to how exactly we open the doors on this airplane - I know it's Shift + E for the main door and Shift + E + 1/2/3 for the other doors but I have no clue which combination opens which door. This is very useful since I use GSX and often get stuck trying to open/close doors. The only thing I know is that Shift + E opens the main L1 door, but Shift + E +1/2/3 seem to be pretty inconsistent/confusing in which doors they open - for example, Shift + E + 1 seems to open Cargo Door 1 but closes the main door in the process. Similarly, I'm not sure how to open the other cargo door but end up invariably opening or closing it by just mashing random Shift + E + Number combinations. Is there a defnitive list on what combination opens which doors?


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Okay, I'll give that a try. Would you happen to know what the commands for each specific door are?


Edit: Figured out the control bindings for anyone who's stuck like I was:

Shift + E / Shift + E + 1 = Door L1 (Main Door)

Shift + E + 2 = Door L2 (Rear Door)

Shift + E + 3 = Aft Cargo Door 

Shift + E + 4 = Forward Cargo Door. 

Also @scoobflight thanks for the recommendation on the door control panel, and apologies for my previous comment. This works really well, try it out guys!


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Hello guys,

bought today E175 / E195 v3 with HF1. It is not my first purchase because I own all v2 variants, and also 145/135 for FSX & P3D. So, I’m not a “new” customer with FT aircrafts😃

But, I’m not able to open the doors, only the Door 1, main door. All others... no chance! Any suggestion, solution?

Sorry guys, my fault! I don’t start up the APU and without it doors will not open ... 😂😇

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Found my fault

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I have E175/195 V3.  This may not work for everyone. As soon as power is applied to aircraft I turn on Electric Pump 3A then do the

Shift + E + 3 or Shift + E + 4  Cargo Doors. Works every time open or closing, but pump has to be on.


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