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Buttons using macros - What am I missing?

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Spent this afternoon trying to get this to work.


It is using the mode buttons on a saitek yoke, FSUIPC is seeing them as buttons 8, 9 & 10 on joystick 2.  Now I want to assign keys to adjust autopilot altitude, I have recorded the macro and can get it to work on a single button but cannot get the compound button to work, I know I am missing something silly.


27=CR2,(+P,9)P,15,CM14:2,0 -{Macro QW788: DecreaseApAlt}- 

I want to use button 9 - mode 2 with button 15 using a macro which is number 14 in the macro file.  I do not understand the two numbers after CM14:  but the last always seems to be 0 - so I guess that is because it is normal.  The first number I have varied but thought it was sequential.  Any help or pointers appreciated.


Using P3d V4.5

QW 787

Registered version FSUIPC Ver 5 - updated.


This is a me issue as everything else is working I am just missing something in the line above.


Davy C

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Did You check the advanced user guide section Compound Button Conditions?

The format is
     n=CR(+j2,b2)j,b, ...

So, first program your button without the mode switch.

Then, add a 'C' after the '=', then add your condition after the "repeat" code 'R' (with no comma!), so something like

    27=CR(+P,9)P,15,CM14:2,0 -{Macro QW788: DecreaseApAlt}- 

(assuming P is the letter assigned to your joystick device)

38 minutes ago, DavyC100 said:

I do not understand the two numbers after CM14:  but the last always seems to be 0 - so I guess that is because it is normal.

Again, check the Advanced 'user guide, section Macro Control References:


Macro controls are represented internally in the same sort of way as FSUIPC offsets controls, by using high-value bits in the control number. However, the representation in Macro files and in the INI file is as follows:

where m if the Macro File number (see below) and n is the control number from the file, as described above.

The last number is the parameter to the macro.


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Got it - mixed myself up with the joystick, it is actually 2 NOT P and too many ,,,,'s - all working and as I said it was just me having a senior moment.

Thanks for your help I missed the Mm:n bit in the the guide.

Davy C

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Ok, glad it's now working.

If you are not using the "JoyLetters" facility, it's a good idea to activate it as this will prevent possible problems later (e.g. when unplugging and replugging your devices into a different USB socket/hub). Just change the AutoAssignLetters ini parameter (in the [JoyNames] section) from No to Yes. See the User guide section on this if you need further details.

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