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FSUIPC missing ADDON option (Windows 10/FSX)

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I've had to do a re-install of FSX (Windows 10) after a hard drive crash.  I'm reinstalling FSUIPC4 (which I may have purchased previously), but having problems.

After the typical install, when I launch FSX it tries to start and then shuts down. It doesn't "crash"; it just exits with no error.

If I move the "FSUIPC4_loader.dll" into the Modules directory, FSX will launch.  But no "ADDONS" option appears. Trying to run anything requiring FSUIPC gives the error of "FSUIPC is not running".

FSUIPC does seem to install into the correct directory (FSX root/MODULES).  But no joy.

Here is my install log, and a copy of DLL.XML.  The FSUPC.ini file is empty.


FSUIPC4 Install.log DLL.XML

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it's never a good idea to install FSX or any other FS into Windows\Programs Files folder as it has restricted access. Best would be to install FSX in its own folder like C:\FSX\ or something like that.

Also did you install FSUIPC with administrator privilege, right click "Run as administrator" ? If not, rerun the installer with "Run as administrator" and before starting FSX delete the empty FSUIPC4.ini file.


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I did all this as you suggested.  Nothing changes.  Note:

1.  After installing FSUIPC4 (as Administrator), when i try to launch FSX it shows splash screen and then FSX immediately exits.

2. If i move FSUIPC4_loader.dll into the MODULES folder, and then re-run the install, FSX will run normally.  But no add-on shows.  FSUIPC4 is not running.

What next?  Frustrated. But hopeful 8-)

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1 hour ago, irish1982e said:

What next?

One definite problem is that you are running the original version of FSX, the bug-ridden one which was subject to two major updates, SP1 and SP2 before Microsoft abandoned it.

You really do need to update to at least SP1, but instead go to SP2 whilst you are about it. 

This problem is actually made worse because you appear to have installed all three versions of SimConnect -- not only the original one released with and installed by the original FSX release, but also the SP1 and SP2 versions. Naturally FSUIPC will try to use the latest one you have installed which won't be compatible.

Note that after DoveTail Games gave up developing FSX (as FSX-SE, the "Steam Edition") Microsoft took it up once more and not long ago released another version. So you are really well out of date.

After getting things updated (either to SP2, or to FSX-SE which would be even better and much improved), when you try again, if you still have a problem please not only povide the Install Log but also see if the run-time log is there, FSUIPC4.LOG. Because if FSUIPC even attempts to run, it will be there too.

Don't try FSUIPC4_Loader. That was only to get around an incompatibility in loading order with a couple of other old add-ons.


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Bingo!  That worked.

There was a lot going on here.  When I uninstalled FSX and tried to re-install, there was an error about the installation services being corrupted.  Had to run down the answer on that one.  Also, something (apparently) was still hung up in the registry for my "c:\FSX" install that wouldn't let me install.  I moved it to a new "c:\Microsoft FSX" and it installed.  Then updated to SP1/SP2 (as you so kindly pointed out), re-installed FSUIPC.  Back in business!  So happy.  Thought I'd lost FSX for a while.

Thank you for your time, patience, and kind advice.  All sorely missed in today's world.  Appreciate this, greatly.  Back to the skies!


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