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STB Client and Data Server OFFICIAL Update V5.0.2020.17900 for Prepar3D-V5

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Here is the latest official update for STB V5 for Prepar3D V5, featuring Hot Fix 2 compatibility and the latest content for AIG and TrafficGlobal.

You can download the STB Client Update (V5.0.2020.17900) update from here: https://bit.ly/2B8lR5a

STB Data Server (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer), also has an update (V5.0.2020.17800), available here: https://bit.ly/2YCqkpw

The update is only available as described above initially, it will be added to the website and the update checking in the product at a later time.


Summary of Changes since Base Product Release:

  • Prepar3D V5 Hotfix 2 compatibility.
  • Content Improvements (logos and configuration):
    • AIG OCI for all packages available to us as of June 26th 2020.
    • Traffic Global Content V1.1.5.
  • Changed departure flaps handle value for FSPXAI 777 and A340 families as used by AIG to avoid spoiler and reverse thrust activation.
  • Fixed error in reporting the number of AI to be deleted when optimizing parking flights at the selected airport.
  • When the AI callsign is “NONE”, the aircraft make and model are used substituted.
  • Offer “_ALL” as an airport selection option even when no AI are presently in the simulator (to see the user flight);
  • Corrected NLS text for AI Left Body View Command and AI Right Window View.
  • Configuration bug fix: If [DiscoveryPath] appears after a [Package] group in the add-ons.cfg file, STB was failing to recognize the [Package] as a valid group.
  • Added Enabled AI Departure Flaps Global On/Off setting, for use when STB’s operation of flaps at taxi-out causes problems in the AI animation of many aircraft.
  • Fixed bug in de-install process that prevented the STB add-on.xml files being properly removed.
  • Updated MakeRwys utility to V4.91.

Note: to get the departure flaps changes, you need to reload the aircraft configuration either through the configuration wizard (starting over with a new configuration, or loading the file through the settings notebook, Objects tab.  Load either the Universal or AIG Aircraft file from the samples folder in your install directory.

Let me know how this works out for you!  

Many thanks


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Did you intend to post something, because it looks like we lost it?

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