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Handling Arrivals with different speeds


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Folks  I am quite new to this, don't be harsh. 

I am using Stuttgart Airport EDDS, with RT and RC, I get a mix of private flight arrivals mixed in with commercial arrivals. 

The private aircraft are much slower than the commercials - typically A319 or A320's. 

I can't find  slow down or speed up commands, how should I handle a safe distance between flights? Should I push one the the flights to go around?   


Thanks for the help. 

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I had this happen in Tower 2011 when the FlyBe aircraft landed
Anything behind it would crash into it on the runway!

At least in Tower 3D you can command the following aircraft to Go Around, creating a gap which in most cases should be large enough
Equally, before the aircraft lands you can command the use of specific taxiways, which you can also use to separate out aircraft

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As was said unfortunately you cannot do the speed up commands or slow down.  And as was said you can do some vectoring.  I do one of two things depending on the airport.

If the small plane is close I'll let it come in and take the faster plane and manually control it back to the start of the line and sneak it in before the edge of the map in case a new plane arrives.  This way I avoid most separation errors but get it in line. 

If it is a busy airport I'll try to have it head out of the line like a go around and have it contact departure to be re queued. 

Lastly, depending on the airport I'll use a smaller less used runway to handle overflow for those smaller planes so I can manually shunt a few out of the stack since I have so many limitations on what I can do with them. 

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