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issue with dubai airport


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every time theres certain gate not allow any planes get out ov it to runway . and the only otion to continue is to delete this plane .. iv screenshot about which gate >>> is anyone keen to solve this issue plz contact me ... its awesome game and deserve to be perfict  >>>> ps the gate inside the red cercle on map in this pic



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19 hours ago, hexzed said:

This was reported just recently by mjkerr

Are you using the default (real traffic) schedule or customised?
I had this numerous times with the default schedule, but now that I have created my own I have not had this since

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53 minutes ago, ATC AlaskaGuy said:

they are not updating it for some reason

I am always up for crazy speculations! 😇

For me there are only 4 reasons that could cause a developer to refuse to fix bugs.
1) You no longer have access to the project files.
2) The code is a mess and not or poorly documented.
3) You are afraid (not completely unjustified) to load the project files into a newer version of the engine.
4) There are legal obstacles, because you do not own parts of the code or licenses for assets or the like have expired.

The third option will probably not be the one, since all Unity versions back to v3.4.0 are officially available.

Why FeelThere refuses to fix bugs, even the ones that were known before support was discontinued, we will probably never know.
But that's not the topic and so a word about the bugged gates:

These can be found at many airports and in my opinion have something to do with the schedule used. But the main reason is not the schedules, but how the game processes information when a schedule is loaded. Therefore the bug may occur more often with some schedules and less often with others. Unfortunately we have to cope with the fact that there are and will be "dead" planes in the game.

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