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Setting up FSUIPC to replicate engine start ?

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Hi all

I'm looking for some help with fsuipc and helicopter engine start. My collective has a push button start .I want to  hold the start button and have the N1 gauge slowly move to its max.

At the present when I push the start botton, the N1 gauge goes straight to max. Heres a video showing what I am trying to replicate if its at all possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KVA3GXiK2s

I have tried various engine start options in fsuipc  to see if I can create something close but no luck

My cockpit is a full scale MD500e and the last part I'm working on is the engine start




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Hi Rhys,

The MD530F from Milviz only has a VC. But defining views with dedicated cockpit cameras (showing only the interior) is a very simple task. So if you have a separated outside view (what I assume that you have, as you are building a small cockpit), then you can arrange your camera views on your cockpit monitor(s). I am Using a Samsung ultra-wide 32:9 screen for the outside view and below two touch screens for the cockpit view (pilot/copilot) beside some GoFlight hardware.

Here you find the manual: https://milviz.com/Online_products/Manuals/MV_MD530F_rev.pdf
An here a review: http://www.raysaviation.mono.net/upl/11588/MilvizMVMD530LittleBird.pdf



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Thanks for the reply. Because I am building a full scale sim my setup requires a 2d panel which I have setup hence the engine start is the final part part of  the project 




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