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A beta version of FSUIPC7 (for MSFS only) is now available for download at the following locations:

FSUIPC7 is being released as a beta-version. It is currently not possible to purchase a license, but
a time-limited license, valid until the 8th November, is included in the download. We hope to
have a release version ready by then, if not I will extend the beta license.

We are initially releasing FSUIPC for MSFS as a beta due to the state of the MSFS SDK, and in particular
that of the SimConnect API. There is still a lack of documentation on what is actually working in this SDK,
especially in relation to key events/control, upon which FSUIPC heavily relies.

There are several SimConnect updates planned in the months following the official MSFS release. We will
continue to update and test FSUIPC7 as these updates are released.


To install FSUIPC7, unzip the downloadable package and run (double-click) the Install_FSUIPC7.exe file.
There is no need to uninstall any previous version - this will be done automatically.

If you have previously used FSUIPC, you can also copy and rename your
FSUIPC4/5/6.ini file to the FSUIPC7 installation folder as FSUIPC7.ini, and
also remember to copy any other auxiliary files or folders you may use (.mcro, .lua, .dll, Profiles, etc).
If you do this, it is recommended to remove the contents of the [General] section as many of the parameters here are no longer valid.

Usage Instructions
FSUIPC7 as now a standalone executable, and no longer an embedded dll.
Simply run the FSUIPC7.exe to start.

FSUIPC7 will then sit in the system tray. To open, double-click the tray icon or
use the provided context menu.

A default windows hot key (currently Alt-F) is also acquired when you start FSUIPC7
which will display/open the FSUIPC7 main window. If this hot key cannot be acquired
(e.g. as its already in use) then a message will be logged. You can change the key
assigned by manually editing the following ini parameter:


where, in the above example, 70 is the F key (0x46) and 12 is the modifier (which is
actually a hex value, 0x12 which is VK_MENU, i.e. the Alt key).

For no hot key, use


Using WideFS
If you have a license for WideFS7 that you would also like to use, you can do this by
adding the following lines to the included FSUIPC7.key file:

NameForWideFS=<your WideFS registration name>
WideFSaddress=<your WideFS registration email/address>
WideFS=<your 12 character WideFS key>

You will need to restart FSUIPC7 for the license to take effect.

Missing Functionality 
The following functionality is not currently available in FSUIPC7. We may look at re-instating some of these
items at a later date, if and when such facilites are provided by the MSFS SDK:

1. Mouse Macros (and other mouse functionality, e.g “mouse look”, etc):  pending facilities to be provided
2. lVar access: pending facilities to be provided
3. AI Traffic management (Traffic Limiter and Zapper): pending facilities to be provided.
    Note that the offsets for AI traffic are populated.
4. Text display facilities: pending SimConnect functionality (some basic functionality may work)
5. Menu facilities: pending SimConnect functionality
6. Weather: apart from a few variables concerning ambient conditions at the aircraft, no other weather information
    is currently available for reading or updating

Currently no documentation on what key events/controls from the SimConnect API are actually working.
Many do not currently work. These include:
   - events for view control
   - events for slew control
   - events for weather

For view and slew control, it is recommended to assign these functions directly in MSFS for the time being, as the corresponding events
are working when assigned in the sim itself.

SimVar status: it looks like some simulator variables that were previously read/write are now read-only.
For such variables, it will no longer be possible to write/update them.

Text/message/menu display facilities: may not work correctly due to issues with SimConnect_Text API function

Keyboard input is not masked, and so any key assigned in FSUIPC (via any mechanism) will also be seen by the sim.
Keyboard input is also recognised when either MSFS or FSUIPC7 have the window focus. 
MSFS is currently only sending the numpad keys (via SimConnect) when numlock is off. This has been reported to Asobo.
Not all keys are assignable - this is due to SimConnect currently only sending input events for certain keys. Please
check the MSFS SDK documentation to see what keys are available, or use FSUIPC's logging of 'Buttons & Keys' to see if the key is recognised before assigning.

1. If you receive the following error when running FSUIPC7:
        The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
   Please see https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/vcruntime140dll/8fe4965d-2013-49cb-816e-17cc2bb0c077?auth=1

Documentation is provided by the installer. Note that the documentation will be installed under your Windows Documents folder, in a sub-folder labelled FSUIPC7.
The documentation is still being updated for FSUIPC7. In particular, the offset status document is still for FSUIPC6/P3Dv5.

Attached is a spreadsheet (for OpenOffice or Excel)) containing details of the current state, as far as we know, of the FSUIPC offsets.
This is a work-in-progress, and eventually will be used to provide an updated FSUIPC Offset Status document for MSFS/FSUIPC7.
I am relying on feedback from FSUIPC7 Beta users/testers to make this as complete as possible.

Functionality to be Added (ToDo list)
The following is a short list of some of the main work still to be done in FSUIPC7 (in no particular order):
1. Allow a 'button screen' facility to be added to the main window of FSUIPC7, similar to the functions provided
    by WideClient.
2. Enable FSUIPC7 to work on a client PC (using a networked SimConnect).
    Note that this would be different from using WideClient, as the offset area maintained by FSUIPC7 on
    a client PC would be distinct from the offset area used by FSUIPC7 on the FS PC (although of course the data
    received from the sim to populate the offsets would be the same).
3. Add registration facilities.
4. Re-instate aileron/rudder trim control axes: either when/if axes added back to SDK, or switch to using simulator variables
5. Re-instate functionality in offset 0x2FE0 ('Add-on' menu entries) but allow menu entries to be added to FSUIPC7 menu bar.
6. Add [Programs] section to profiles
7. Add an optional delay for key presses
8. Allow MaxSteerSpeed to be read from a user-defined offset


Please use the following sub-forum for all FSUIPC7-Beta / MSFS related issues:
Where possible, please provide feedback on which offsets are working for both read/write access, together with any issues
found. Any problems with events/controls will for the time being be collated, and be addressed as and when we have further
documentation in this area.

Attached is a spreadsheet (for OpenOffice or Excel) containing the status of each offset. I will update this on a regular basis
from feedback, internal testing and MSFS SDK updates.

John Dowson, 17th August 2020 (updated 28th October)


Edited by John Dowson
Updated for 28th October release
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An update has been released, with build date 21/08/2020. This contains the following changes:
    - default location of Flight files and plans updated for released version and Steam/MSFS installations.
      Auto-save files should now be removed correctly. However, still problems with flight load/save due to known SimConnect issues.
    - Additional Project Magenta controls added
    - various minor UI updates
   - version 0.2 of the offsetStatus document, updated with known issues.


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An update has been released, with build date 25/08/2020. This contains the following changes:
    -  sim rate read/write offset 0x0C1A now working
    - default 'Sound' path removed: please remove this from your ini (it will be wrong!). There is no 'Sound' folder in MSFS. You will need to set this manually to point to
      the location you use to store sound files used via FSUIPC's sound interface.
    - correction to profiles: there was a problem if you created an axes profile, didn't import your general settings and didn't add any new axes assignments.
    - I've re-enabled the freeze toggle, although this is currently not working as the KEY_FREEZE_LATITUDE_LONGITUDE_SET event is currently not working, nor sim variable IS LATITUDE LONGITUDE FREEZE ON
version 0.3 of the offsetStatus document, updated with known issues.


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An update has been released, with build date 08/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
  - correction to some key event names, and event TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT_FAST added
  - event used for Master Avionics (offsets 0x2E80 & 0x3104) changed from toggle to set
  - automatic re-connection on TransmitClientError failures, + new optional ini parameter TransmitErrorsReconnect added (default value of 5 if not specified)
  - ALT key recognition removed from key assignments panel
  - fix for spoiler arm deflection when set to arm with 4800 at offset 0x0BD0
  - ICAO designator, manufacturer and model added at offsets 0x0618, 0x09D2 and 0x0B26 respectively


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An update has been released, with build date 14/09/2020. This contains the following changes:

  -  pause indicator and control offsets (0x0264 and 0x0262) now working:
     0x0264 will indicate different pause states with flags 0x1 (PAUSE_SET),, 0x2 (PAUSE ON/OFF), 0x4 (esc pause).
     0x0262 accepts flags 0x1 and 0x2 to turn on using PAUSE_SET &  PAUSE_ON, and 0 to cancel both of these pause states.
     Note that esc pause is detected but cannot be controlled
  - transponder state added for read/write at offset 0x0846
  - changes to key handling: multi-key presses (when FSUIPC7 has focus) now passed through to the FS,
    keys masked when assigned in FSUIPC7 and FSUIPC7 has the focus, not masked if MSFS has focus
    All key input events requested via SimConnect, but some still not working correctly, e.g. numpad keys 0-9
  - logging an dtall time updates to track down TransmitClientEvent failures


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An update has been released, with build date 19/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
    - additional AI simvars re-enabled and used to populate AI tables: IS USER SIM, TRANSPONDER CODE:1, AI Traffic State, AI Traffic Assigned Runway, AI TRAFFIC ASSIGNED PARKING
    - removed subscribtion to non-existing events TextEventCreated and TextEventDestroyed
    - Added COM SPACING MODE to offset 0B47 and 0B48
    - Fixed TransmitClientEvent failures and resulting crash of FSUIPC7
    - Additional key events (a.k.a. assignable controls) added: KEY_HEADING_SLOT_INDEX_SET, KEY_SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET, KEY_ALTITUDE_SLOT_INDEX_SET, KEY_VS_SLOT_INDEX_SET
    - logging updates: all exceptions now logged without the need to activate 'Extras' logging


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An update has been released, with build date 26/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
    - additional fix for occasional Transmit Client Event errors
    - Corrections to pushback offset 31F4
    - AUTOPILOT FLIGHT LEVEL CHANGE indicator added at offset 0x0B49 (read-only at the moment)
    - new ini parameter UseAlternativeNumpadKeyMapping as a workaround for an MSFS bug on numpad key input.
    - corrected positioning of dialog boxes so not displayed outside of screen coordinates
    - Additional controls added. These are controls (i.e. key events) that were available in previous FSUIPC versions. They are not in the MSFS documentation but seem to be recognized (although this does not mean that they necessarily work!):





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An update has been released, with build date 30/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
    - recompiled and linked against SimConnect SDK
    - Added control Throttle Reverse Thrust Toggle and corresponding offset 0x0B4A to hold state
    - allow button number wild card '*'  for IgnoreThese ini parameter in [Buttons] section
   - allow POV buttons 32-39 to also be "ignored" during assignment


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An update has been released, with build date 05/10/2020. This contains the following changes:
    - default value of [Buttons] section ini parameter KeyboardFocus set to True/Yes. This is to allow keypresses assigned to buttons/switches to go to the FS by default.
    - improvements to detecting pause and in-menu state in offsets 0x0264 and 0x3365
   - new ini parameter in [General] section AxisScanOnSimConnectOpen : set to Yes to perform an additional axis scan when a simconnect connection is opened.
     this may help if your axis aren't initially recognised



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An update has been released, with build date 15/10/2020. This contains a few minor logging updates, together with additional thread synchronisation/protection. Integration with the WebSocket server (provided by Paulk Henty) is also included, although this is only active when this utility is installed in the correct location.

An initial version of the FSUIPC7 installer is also now ready, which also includes installation  of the WebSocket server. This also installs the FSUIPC documentation, although most if this still needs to be revised/updated for FSUIPC7. I am currently doing this and will update the documentation as an when ready.

The FSUIPC7 installer can be downloaded from the following links:



Edited by John Dowson
links corrected
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An update has been released, with build date 28/10/2020. This contains the following changes:
  - changes in detection of in-menu/dialog flag at offset 0x3365
  - additional logging added for AutoSave
  - New (undocumented) controls added:
         Avionics Master 1 Set
         Avionics Master 2 Set
    (Note however, at least in the C172, these seem to function in a reverse manner to other set commands, with a parameter of 1 turning the avionics off, and 0 turning them on. YMMV)
  - various unused ini parameters removed, as well as some non-functioning FSUIPC-added controls
  - initial update of documents for FSUIPC7
  - minor updates to WideFS integration
  - beta license extended until 08/11/2020. I now hope to have FSUIPC7 for sale by (or before) this date.
*** If you install the new key provided and are using WideFS,  you will have to add the WideFS key  information back into the new key file *** 


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An update has been released, with build date 30/10/2020. This release has been compiled against the SDK, released on 29/10/2020.

I have also added an additional offset:
      0x062B (1 Byte): PLANE IN PARKING STATE
This is set to1 when in the main menu, and 0 otherwise. This should be functionally similar to the in-menu/dialog flag in offset 0x3365. I've kept this in a separate offset for now, but may merge these two offsets once I've investigated further.

I am hoping to complete the documentation updates shortly  and have FSUIPC7 ready for sale sometime next week.


If you have an issue with the license key not being installed correctly, please try the following:
   - manually run the FSUIPC7 uninstaller (uninstallFSUIPC7.exe) located in your FSUIPC7 installation folder
   - re-run the installer

Edited by John Dowson
Further info added
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An update has been released, with build date 3/11/2020. This will (hopefully) be the final version before it goes on sale at the weekend.
I have updated most of the documentation now but there are till some updates needed.

Changes in this release are:
    - MSFS controls list now generated
    - Start menu changed to MSFS
    - Menu option to Exit MSFS
    - saving of Previous Flight re-enabled: only works when exiting MSFS via FSUIPC, using the new Exit menu entry.
            **** However, note that flights saved via SimConnect/FSUIPC can still not be loaded due to a bug in the SimConnect SDK ***
   - some empty controls removed
   - disabled AutoSave when in main menu
   - logging updates
   - minor UI tweaks


Updates to the installer include:
   - no key file now included (please use the one you already have!). If you don't have one, I've attached the beta license below, valid until 08/11/2020.
   - option to generate a desktop shortcut to start MSFS with FSUIPC7
   - correction to determination of Documents folder
   - documentation updated
With this release of the installer, the previous issue has been corrected and you do not have to manually uninstall FSUIPC7 before re-installing - this will now be done correctly by the installer. 




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An update has been released, with build date 4/11/2020. This will  be the final version  before licenses go on sale, from midnight tonight (CET).

This update contains a correction to determining the in-menu state at offset 0x3365, plus few minor technical tweaks. The documentation has also been further revised.

This will be the last post in this topic as FSUIPC7 is no longer in beta....

Happy Flying!


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