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Massive FPS Drop

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Did you try without smartCARS running?  If you issue is not present without smartCARS running then it is a smartCARS issue and you need to direct your queries to the smartCARS forums/support. Please try this before anything else.

And you r logs don't tell me anything as I do not know when you are experiencing the fps drop/pause. I was merely suggestion that you should activate the logs (and also open the log console) to see if you noticed anything in the logs when the pause occurs. You also seem to have activated IPC read logging. You should only activate event and maybe also axis logging, as this would show you if simconnect was still functioning with the pause, i.e. if it is only an fps pause or if its something else. This may help in tracking down the issue.

Anyway, I don't think your problem is anything to do with this thread, which is for the general pause cause by a simconnect issue, which is now solved. I am therefore now going to close this thread. Please check without smartCARS, and if you still experience your FPS drop/pause then open a new support request, otherwise I think you would be better off reporting to smartCARS.

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