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Just wanted to throw out some thoughts about the possibilities of bringing STB to MSFS 2020 and some of the things that may change along the way.

  • Only just caught sight of the SDK, not seen until I received my release copy so not had a chance to consider the content.  Lots of bad reports about SimConnect already, so it may not be in a fit state for apps like STB for some time.  It will need to do more than FSX/P3D, particularly in providing information about airport facilities.
  • The commercial arrangements for this simulator are different to what has gone before.  I will not be able to included airline logos for example, because unlike Microsoft I do not have the means to reach out to every airline.  However I will leave the infrastructure in place, so if you happen to have logos from somewhere else (don't overthink this!) you'll be OK.
  • There will be no STB Data Server, so STB will only run on the same computer as the simulator.  STB DS is the number one support issue and the effort to provide this is beyond what it returns.

That's all I have for now, it will be a long journey.  Feel free to comment.


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Hi Simon,

I downloaded MSFS on day one and had a look around. In my case, multiple screens and the ability to interface hardware and systems is important. It has no ability to do this so I'm back with P3d v4.5, Orbx, GSX2, REX, Active Sky, STB  and loving it.

Over on the Prosim forum, the moderators and developers are countering numerous questions, and pointing out how bad the SDK and the SimConnect connectivity is (at the moment) for developers. I guess it will improve with time, but MS is not making it easy for developers dealing with their clients expectations.

Thanks for keeping us informed.


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My glass is definitely half full, well more than half full when it comes to MSFS in general.  It's no good for airliner flying but that I have P3D and my beloved QW757 for example, but for GA experiences and VFR it's a big step up for me.  I've deleted anything VFR related from P3D now, said goodbye to a fair bit of pure photoscenery like the old Horizon UK VFR and recovered a fair bit of disk space.

We'll see how the SimConnect story plays out from here.  Rome wasn't built in a day, much to look forward to.

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