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While waiting for an MFS release that accommodates FSUIP7 without slowing down, I thought I'd try out the SimConnect examples in the SDK. However, when I load a vanilla project, say OpenClose into Visual Studio and try to build it I immediately get "Cannot open include file: 'SimConnect.h': No such file or directory."

No problem, I point to it explicitly with the path to the include file in the SDK. Then I get "LNK1104 cannot open file 'SimConnect.lib'", even though it looks like the path to the library folder is being included in the project properties. 

No problem, I copied the lib directly into the OpenClose project directory. Now I get "MSB3073 The command "xcopy /D /Y "Simconnect SDK\lib\SimConect.dll" .... I won't copy the entire error message - something to do with the dll.

I futzsed around a bit more, moving the dll into the target build folder, etc.,  then gave up. 

Anybody actually get one of these unmanaged SimConnectSamples to run? How?

Respectfully, Dave

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Hi Dave,

sorry, but this is not a general forum for MSFS issues, only for those relating to FSUIPC. You should try the MSFS forums.

Having said that, it sounds like you haven't specified the correct path to the SimConnect.lib in your build properties. It has to be the folder that contains the SimConnect.lib, not the SDK top-level folder or other folders.

Note also, that there are now two SimConnect.lib files. I recommend you link against the one under the 'static' folder, as when using this you do not require the SimConnect.dll at runtime. 


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