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FSUIPC/Wideclient usinf Oracle VirtualBox

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Hi guys,

I am trying to establish a connection between my PC and a VB running on it. All appropriate connections work excepting the wideclient. Both it on the VB and the sim on my PC sit with a "waiting for ***" message.

I'd be grateful for any assistance.



FSUIPC V 4.975a

Wideclient V 

Wideclient LOGFile Attached




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Sorry, but why would you want to run WideClient in a VM on the same machine as FSUIPC? You can just run it in the same OS as FSUIPC (by using the ClassInstance ini parameter - see the WideFS Technical guide for details).

Anyway, have you tried setting the Protocol And ServerName (or ServerAddress) ini parameters?

Btw, for future reference, attaching files is preferable to screenshots of their contents.

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Hi John

I am wanting to run Don Grovestines EZ-Landclass. Unfortunately it has issues with WIN10 and MSOffice beyond 2016 of which both my PC uses. So, I have set up a VB with Win7 and Office 2003, which I know it works on.

I have set the server IPAddr command as this works with my second WIN10 PC with no problems. With respect to Protocol I am currently using TCP as this works with the other PC also. Sorry about the screenshot but I had no way to capture the file from the VB when I made the post.

I will try UDP and see if that works.

Thanks again.


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