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V4 no longer working after installing V7


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After successfully installing and using FSUIPC7 with MFS2020 (despite the frame drop), I find smartcars does not connect to v4 any longer. As v7 is not compatible with FSX, I cannot use smartcars to create pireps for my VA whilst using FSX as my simulator, which is the only stable platform to use for longer flights, or large aircraft.

All was working well until using v7, which I am not complaining about, as I am satisfied. I would just like to troubleshoot why v4 has stopped working, and if I can fix the issue so I may pursue stable VA flights. The file structure has not changed, all necessary files are located in my Modules directory.

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Has nothing to do with the issue- hence the parenthesis;  yes, it's a little better, but most flights are still not stable enough for use with my VA. Still does not contribute to my troubleshooting. Added info- My settings allow me to fly the same route without the freezes and stuttering not using smartcars. Not to mention that the ai is not helpful by constant overspeeding under 10000 ft, violent movements and shifts whilst making small AP adjustments (I have stress damage set on so it matters, I've lost flights to damage via AI control) Even adjusting to low settings is not satisfactory in stability. I am using a machine meeting and exceeding recommended specs. That patch, and your citing it does not help fix my concern,  my tech issue, or persuade me it is safe to use fsuipc7 with the new sim.


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added info
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Sorry, but can you clarify what your issue is. I thought that you you were talking about FSUIPC4 (v4?), but if so why are you posting in the FSUIPC7/MSFS forum?

FSUIPC7 should in no way affect  FSUIPC4 - as long as it's not running. In fact, I doubt you can run FSUIPC7 if FSX is running (or vica versa), due to the clash in windows class names.

So, in summary, I am perplexed and do not understand your issue. Could you clarify please?

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I may have made a mistake. I followed a link into the forum searching for any other person experiencing the same issue. I am at fault as I presumed this area was support for both v4 and v7. I would be happy to ask for help in the appropriate place. I donot recall a specific version 4 thread, but I will seek it. Thank you for the clarification.

For the record, it's just as I said. I used v4 alot. New sim came out. v7 came out for it. After using it, v4 does not connect to FSX (also no longer apperaring in my addon dropdown menu), but v7 works as intended. Again, no change to the FSX filesystem has been made. Oh, I am not trying to use them at the same time. I should have mentioned that.

I am also perplexed because v7 is a standalone exe, while v4 was installed and had written dlls and an ini. I agree there should be no file or class conflict.

Sidenote: please forgive me today- I'm very distracted with other life issues. I own and take responsibility for my strangeness.


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I'm distracted and can't write today
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6 minutes ago, rektexception said:

I am at fault as I presumed this area was support for both v4 and v7

This is a support forum for FSUIPC7 only. The main support forum is for all other products, apart from the .net dll client by Paul Henty which also has its own sub-forum. There is no specific support forum for FSUIPC4, use the main support forum.

8 minutes ago, rektexception said:

Again, no change to the FSX filesystem has been made.

Sorry, but if it was working and is now no longer working, something must have changed. You need to determine what. As I have said, FSUIPC7 in no way affects other versions of FSUIPC.

Anyway, as I said, if you have a problem with FSUIPC4 then please use the main support forum.

And I don't know why you "reported" my post with the complaint "Does not contribute to finding a solution, or help give insight in any manner to my post.". I am only trying to help and determine what your problem actually is.

Please not also that FSUIPC4 is NOT my product, its still with Pete, although I try to help with it where I can.



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I agree with everything in your reply and note your advice. I sincerely apologize if I had come off aggressively. I hold nobody responsible. I will seek more info in the appropriate forums. I feel, as a novice tech person, it seems more like a path issue, or some kind of access change indirect from, but may have been influenced by a routine that occurred using version 7. If that were the case, I'd first feel it would be a sim environment (MS incompetence) issue much more than an aftermarket extension issue.

Thank you for your info and suggestions.

As for the report- I was wrong. No excuse. I owe you an apology.


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This is an attempt at humor to lighten the mood:

8 minutes ago, John Dowson said:

Then maybe you should try smartCARS support.



pfft- I'd have better luck getting support from Microsift than TFI Designs- that's why I went here first.

Hey- I'm really remorseful about my words. Nobody else deserves the fallout from the chaos in my life right now. I'm sorry.

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