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How to Install Liveries for E170 E190 v3 P3D v5


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Hi All,

I downloaded the E190 JetBlue livery files.   Now, how do I install this?  Where do I place these files?   Thanks in advance for your help.


I resolved this in a "good enough for government work" fashion.  See below.  However, is this the best aprpoach?

So far, I have just replaced the the "texture.house" files on the stock "feelthere PIC 190" folder with the JetBlue livery files.  When I started P3D, the plane scheme was partially black, as if the plane was representing itself at night even though the time was set to "day" in the sim.  Based on another post I read,  I also replaced the last two lines of the "texture" CFG files with:

fallback.4=..\..\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture
fallback.5=..\..\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture\lighting

This corrected the dark paint scheme issue.


So, this is resolved except for now if I want to see the stock Feelthere livery, I can't.


EMBRAER E-JETS E170 AND E190 V3   P3D v5



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Alright so I hope you haven't gotten rid of the texture.house folder completely, as those are the textures that the plane refers to for all other liveries. If you have gotten rid of it, you must reinstall the plane from scratch. The way to install liveries is copy over your texture.XXX folder over to the E190 folder and add the lines they give you in the ReadMe file to your aircraft.cfg text file in the E190 folder.

 (Skip to 0:45 for the tutorial)

Hope this helps!

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I know this is way late ( only a year lol) but maybe it will help others. Here is what I had to do.

Just like you Zcloudman I copied the House texture config. to KLM texture config. them I went to aircraft config and copied the flightsim 0, basicly like what Axelsubo did in the video. Only I copied and pasted a new aircraft from the original. So the new plane looks like this:

title=Embraer 190 KLM
ui_typerole="Regional Jet"
ui_type=Embraer 190
ui_variation=Embraer 190 Rollout

It seems to work for me and I showing both aircraft. 

Hope it works for you.

Brooks Ingersoll

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