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Disappears but still there


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Apologies for the question if its been answered but my cursory search came up dry.

FSUIPC 7 started, FS started, use FSUIPC at some point, go back to sim, FSUIPC disappears (no tray, no task bar), restart FSUIPC.... warning FSUIPC already running.

Its not a show stopper because the interface comes back but is there a way to prevent the vanishing act?

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You issue sounds similar to this: 


9 minutes ago, lawndartleo said:

because the interface comes back

What do you mean by this?

If you try to run FSUIPC7 and its already running, it will show the existing running one. Is this what is happening? Note that it does not appear in the tray when open/shown, only in the task bar, but you say its not there which is strange.

Maybe you can test by keeping the FSUIPC7 main window visible when you go back to the sim, and try and note when it disappears (if it does!).

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From time to time the interface for FSUIPC will completely disappear, not minimized but gone.  The icon is not in system tray or the task bar, I can't alt+tab to it, but the application is still running (background) as evidenced by me relaunching and getting the error message FSPIPC is already running which then makes the interface available, again.

Maybe its in how I am interacting with the app.

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