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TCAS aural warning in Prosim 737


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I can't ask to much to prosim since I use V1 and it is not supported any more.

the only think I can tell is, that it is working with P3D, so, there is something different somewhere.

I think I will have to live with it.

 anyway, thanks for help.




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Hello John,

sorry to bother you again with that, but I discover that it almost work as it should.

there is a glitch that maybe you can understand and maybe solve.

when I start the sim, lets say LFPG, all the AI aircrafts on ground displayed on TCAS, and I got alert on takeoff when passing by (see picture).


once I leave the airport area, far enough for the TCAS to "forget" the traffic, and then come back to land at the same airport, then the AI traffic on ground disapear from the TCAS, as it should be.

no traffic on ground.jpg

another information:

when I start the sim at an airport, the ground traffic display as explain before.

now, if I shut down FSUIPC and start again (while the plane is loaded and ready to fly) then the on ground traffic disappeared from TCAS as it should be.

any work around or something you could do that the on ground traffic is not showing at first without having to shutdown and restart FSUIPC?

one thing I didn't try is to fire up FSUIPC only after the plane ready to fly at the airport. I didn't do it because FSUIPC is on the msfs config file and start automatically.


thanks for your time.

Best Regards.


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This looks like a matter for ProSim -- I'm not sure where ProSim gets its information from, whether direct from MSFS via SimConnect or from FSUIPC (maybe that's to do with the SimConnect or FSUIPC setting in ProSim's options), but either way ProSim's support does need to explain this.

Ground and Air traffic aircraft are placed in different tables in FSUIPC offsets. You could try using the program TrafficLook to show the traffic data being stored. Get this here:

Possibly when the data first arrives the "on ground" indication isn't supplied. but I am sure that by the time you are in a position to receive TCAS warnings (after taking off, surely) that the proper status of all the AI traffic will have been established.



if I shut down FSUIPC and start again (while the plane is loaded and ready to fly) then the on ground traffic disappeared from TCAS as it should be.

seems to imply that it is, indeed, some sort of timing problem. I think ProSim can solve this if you ask.


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