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Getting started with fsuipc7 for fs2020


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I'd like to get started doing some development with fsuipc.

If I did some development with fsuipc6 for x-plane - I was wondering how compatible will it be with future versions of fsuipc compatible with fs2020.

I know the offsets will be different - but the overall API for interaction with fsuipc - will that be portable across different sims.

I guess my question also applies to dev done with fsuipc6 and compatibility between xplane and p3d.


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11 minutes ago, erjdriver said:

If I did some development with fsuipc6 for x-plane

FSUIPC6 is for Prepar3D v4 and v5 only, not X-Plane. There is a subset implemented by another parties for X-Plane, called XPUIPC. I would guess they've done their best to implement some compatibility, but i really couldn't comment on how much as i've never used it.

With FSUIPC, developed since FS98 and over the years covering all the versions of FSX and P3D, we have always striven to maintain compatibility with previous versions as far as possible. So there's a good level of compatibility between FSUIPC6 on P3D and FSUIPC7 on MSFS. After all, MSFS is in many ways just continuing the line (actually from FSX rather that from P3D, so a different branch of the family.

But again I cannot say whether this applies to X-Plane with XPUIPC.



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Thanks for the quick response.

As I said - I'm just starting out and apologies for the xplane assumption.

Re FSX and P3D and FS2020 - I ask because my understanding of FS2020 is from the ground up and by another developer group - so the external interface could have changed quite a bit.

It's good to hear that you've found it relatively the same and look forward to testing out a few things.


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