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Using FSUIPC w/FS2020


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I've been an FSUIPC user for a long time, and dreaded not having it got the new sim. And then..VOILA! Thanks so much, Dowson clan! Now, I need to know the suggested way to use it with FS2020. In FSX, it was easy to go to the sim controls and just turn them off with one click. Then back to FSUIPC for all the bindings.

But now, I can't seem to find an easy way to "disconnect" the sim control bindings, and I don't want to start getting confused by assigning controls using both. I've been using a "null" device, by taking one of my controllers and making sure it has no bindings, and saving it with a NULL name. But I have 8 devices - X-Box controller, Logitech X56 stick and throttle, rudder pedals, CH throttle quad, OrbWeaver, 2 Cougar MFDs - so it would take me forever to set each one with null settings. Is there a known way of just turning the sim's controllers off en masse?

It may be obvious, but I'm an old geezer, so humor me if I'm lost here!


-= Gary =-

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Yeah! I discovered that when I had to disable my CH throttle quadrant so it wouldn't conflict with my X56 HOTAS. Problem is, I have 8 different devices, so I have to set up a NULL device for each one. But I figure that, once that's done, I'll be able to add or disable anything for testing or troubleshooting.

Thanks, anyway! Now back to work!

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7 hours ago, gpbarth said:

A new profile will be empty?

Yes, a new profile will initially be empty - don't forget to save it/them. When you restart MSFS, it should default to the previous profiles assigned. One user did report that they needed to add at least one assignment to the profile for it to be enaled (by which I think they meant loaded on start-up), but I don't find this to be the case - maybe that was in an earlier version of MSFS.

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