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vJoy with more then 32 buttons not accept in FSUIPC7


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2 hours ago, Billydragon said:

MSFS can see vjoy buttons up to 128. But FSUIPC each vJoy device only up to 32 buttons. Ineed to creat many vjoy device to do that. Can you fix this?

Currently the fix I use just that -- use more than one vJoy. They are easy enough to configure, after all.

You can get FSUIPC to detect more than 32, but only by using a Lua plug-in to handle the USB inputs and direct the button presses to the Virtual Button offsets.  There's an example in the Lua Examples ZIP provided.

The 32-button limitation is unfortunately a well embedded and long-standing 'feature' of FSUIPC -- due to the use of the original "joy" interface in Windows dating back to "Windows for Windows 95".

We've been concentrating in developments on maintaining compatibility across the range of FS-type simulators whilst still supporting new features.  The changes it would need to allow the full DirectX complement of possible Joystick inputs to be detected directly (as opposed to using plug-ins) are pretty massive and could be very error prone. Now is not the time to consider such things with the amount of work still needed for MSFS (and with MSFS developers to get more things working).



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Hi Pete

you gave to BillyDragoon an answer on how avoid 32 input Limitation by the usage of a LUA Script

i look in the list of LUA script example , but don't find a LUA name related to Vjoy

look each , i see a TripleUse script talking about Single Press with different timing managing 3 different offset values

is it the script you suggest to BillyDragoon ?

King regards


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1 hour ago, sikorsky77 said:

is it the script you suggest to BillyDragoon ?

The script is the HidDemo.lua one.
If you want to recognise buttons > 32 for the Honeycomb Alpha or Bravo, there are dedicated scripts for those devices in the FAQ section.
If it is for a different device but only to recognise buttons > 32, you can take one of those scripts and adapt it to your device (by changing the Vendor and Product ids, as you also need to if using the HidDemo.lua).


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