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Speech (or not) problem

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First of all, I am very new in this field and do not really master computers and windows. I do not know either if I am asking my question in the right place, not being English speaking. I try to understand.
I first bought, installed and used Tower 3d pro. It was working fine and I had managed to use speech correctly. So I decided to buy add ons.
So today I bought real trafic, LFPG, and real color for LFPG. I installed the 3 add ons.
On restart Tower 3d works, LFPG is installed and real color for lfpg and real trafic too. Unfortunately the recognition and speech system no longer works. I no longer hear the requests of the planes and I no longer know how to communicate with them by the microphone. When launching tower 3D in the "settings" tab when I try "test recog" and "test speech" nothing happens.
Can someone help me please?
Thank you very much and I am very sorry if I am surely the 100th to whom this happens and who asks the question. Thank you for your patience.

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What is the computer specification?

I had a similar problem once I had installed OMDB

Assuming you installed Tower 3D, and then tested with one of the default airports (KLAX) 

In Windows, test the microphone
If this works, then uninstall Tower, airport, traffic and colours completely
Install Tower 3D only, and test again
If this works, then install LFPG airport, and test again
If this works, then install Real Traffic, and test again
If this works, then install Real Colour, and test again

If any of these stages fail then it may be required to create a new voice profile, delete the original, then you can rename the replacement profile back to default

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