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Why I'm still flying FSX (answered)


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Why I'm still flying FSX


I blame FSC 🙂 I mean, it does so much I just can't find any other nav software that does all the things FSC does (and still supported by Navigraph airac too). I can see VORs, NDBs, ILS, Frequencies, Ivao/Vatsim traffic, Import stuff from Simbrief (IFR with sids,stars,transitions), Vatsim Ivao controlling area's and their frequencies, ingame GPS window.... I wonder how other people coop with MSFS for example without FSC.

This is not an appeal to start supporting MSFS but ... can I appeal to start supporting MSFS in any way? 😛I def. would buy a new key for FSC11 with MSFS support. 

Would be nice if people can get a workaround to get somekind of compatibility with MSFS. I wouldn't mind scanning FSX for the database and connect it to MSFS through FSCUIPC or Simconnect?

Volker, you really outdid yourself with FSC and like I said, I'm still flying FSX just because of it.


Have a great day,


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