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Fsuipc Custom offsets

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i need a bit help concerning FSUIPC custom offsets. I know they are in the range 66C0-66FF.

so my first offset is 66C0. What would be the next ? And how many offsets can i use in this way?

thank you in advance for your answers. I appreciate your help.

best Regards 


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8 hours ago, Luke Kolin said:

It depends on how large the data object is in that first custom offset. If it's one byte, then the next one is 0x66C1, if it's two bytes it's 0x66C2, etc.


Thanks for the reply. Ok, does that mean, when i reach the end of the numbers, i can continue with 66CA, 66CB, etc.? 

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Hi Tasso,

note also that you can also use 'reserved' areas for custom offsets if you are not using the feature they are reserved for. So, for example, if you aren't using Project Magenta, you can use the area starting from 04E0 (88 bytes), if you are not using PMDG aircraft you can use starting from 0x6420 (512 bytes), etc.


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