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LOT Polish Airlines Livery

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Has anyone noticed that LOT has the wrong livery?  The one I get is a mustard color with blue trim.  The real one is white with blue trim with the word "LOT" at the front of the plane and logo on the tail.  Maybe this has been brought up before and I've been out of the loop.  Any comments would be appreciated.  This has happened to me at Copenhagen and another European airport that flies LOT.

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Is the ERJ-190 the only plane that has this paint scheme?  When I used Copenhagen last night, I had a LOT plane and I believe it was a ERJ-190.  Has anyone else seen the official paint scheme on any other planes at various airports?  If so, which ones?

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1 hour ago, scoobflight said:

The list doesn't necessarily indicate the paint scheme unless noted in the special comments. In the case of LOT, there is nothing in the list that indicates there is any difference in the liveries between the B738, B788, B789, E170, E175, and E190.

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Sorry me bad...I do try and keep the special comments up to date as much as possible off the side of the desk but with over 3000 lines and counting I do miss some....As my teachers said many years ago, I must try harder and will update the LOT E190 as a special livery in the Copenhagen line for version 22 🤦‍♂️ 😬



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4 hours ago, Cwiara said:

I raised this topic in the past on the forum, it's nice that someone also noticed it.

BTW why we have E70/75 split but there is no E90 and E95?

You need to raise this topic and questions towards the developer. It doesn’t do any good in this thread. 

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