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Installation not working, noob here!


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Need some help please...

Trying to use fsx to help with my instrument training (commercial pilot flying ag aviation) and wanting to use fsuipc for controller set up and maybe add ons...currently on older edition (2006) of fsx. Have fsx gold edition purchased and should be arriving soon. Can't utilize steam as I live in rural area and on satellite internet, which has limited bandwidth??  (I am not super computer savy... so hope bandwidth is correct term... have really slow download speeds and no options available to increase).

Using Saitek yoke and throttle, maybe add rudder pedals later...Downloaded "Instant Approach" add on to work on approaches, and readme says it needs fsuipc to run.  So downloaded fsuipc7, followed installation instructions, and I think it installed.  BUT...can't find add on menu in FSX, and when I started fsx, I did not get the boxes recognizing fsuipc as I saw in a youtube video on installation.  I have not yet purchased a key, but plan to once I get the Gold edition installed and get the basic installation of fsuipc figured out.  I have tried searches, and have read a little about modules, and a dll file, but am not computer savy enough to figure it out.  I used explorer and couldn't find a module folder, and no idea about the dll file thing.  Here is a copy of the text file for the install...


FSUIPC7 Installer v0.1.0 for v7.0.0-Beta
Running in folder 'C:\FSUIPC install extracted files\Install_FSUIPC7'
Determining installation details...
Installation folder location: C:\FSUIPC7
Documents folder location: F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
OriginalInstallDir=, FSUIPCInstalled=0, InstallDocumentsLocation=F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Default installation directory is 'C:\FSUIPC7'
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC7
Installing FSUIPC7.exe in C:\FSUIPC7.
Extract: FSUIPC7.exe... 100%
FSUIPC7.exe installation completed.
Installing User Manuals...
Create folder: F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Documents directory created: F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Output folder: F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Extract: Installing and Registering FSUIPC7.pdf... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC7 for Advanced Users.pdf... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC7 History.pdf... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC7 Offsets Status.pdf... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC7 User Guide.pdf... 100%
Extract: Profiles in Separate Files.pdf... 100%
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC install extracted files\Install_FSUIPC7
FSUIPC6 User Manuals installed in F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7.
Installing Lua Documentation...
Output folder: F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Extract: FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf... 100%
Extract: Lua License.pdf... 100%
Extract: Lua Plugins for VRInsight Devices.pdf... 100%
Extract: LuaFileSystem.pdf... 100%
Extract: Example LUA plugins.zip... 100%
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC install extracted files\Install_FSUIPC7
FSUIPC6 Lua Documents installed in F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7.
Installing SDK...
Create folder: C:\FSUIPC7\SDK
SDK folder created: C:\FSUIPC7\SDK
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC7\SDK
Extract: FSUIPC feedback control.txt... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC for Programmers.pdf... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC_User_Lib_for_VC_2010.zip
Extract: FSUIPCDotNetClient2.4.zip... 100%
Extract: Library for FS Internal Users.zip... 100%
Extract: Module_User_lib_for_VC_2010.zip... 100%
Extract: ModuleUser64.zip... 100%
Extract: New Weather Interface for FS2004.zip... 100%
Extract: NewWeather.h... 100%
Extract: ReadMe.txt... 100%
Extract: UIPC_RealBasic_SDK.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_ASM.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_BCB5.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_C.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_.NET_(C#,VB.NET).txt... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_Delphi.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_JAVA.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_JAVA_64bit.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_MFC.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_Python.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC_SDK_VisualBasic.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPC64_SDK_C_version2.zip... 100%
Extract: UIPCAWI.zip... 100%
Extract: FSUIPC_Java_SDK_by_Mouseviator_v1_with_C_libs.7z
Installation of SDK completed.
Installing HidScanner...
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC7\Utils
Extract: HidScanner.exe... 100%
HidScanner installed in C:\FSUIPC7\Utils
Installing FS-Interrogate 2...
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC7\Utils
Extract: FSInterrogate2std.exe... 100%
FS-Interrogate 2 installed in C:\FSUIPC7\Utils
Output folder: F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Extract: FSI2 Manual.pdf... 100%
FS-Interrogate 2 User'Manual installed in F:\Charles\Documents\FSUIPC7
Installation of FS-Interrogate 2 completed.
Installing WebSocket Server...
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC7\Utils
Extract: FSUIPCWebSocketServer.exe... 100%
Skipped: FSUIPCWebSocketServer.exe.config
WebSocket Server installed in C:\FSUIPC7\Utils
Output folder: C:\FSUIPC7
Installing FSUIPC7.keye in C:\FSUIPC7.
Skipped: FSUIPC7.key
FSUIPC7.key installation completed.
Installation completed. Generating uninstaller...
Created uninstaller: C:\FSUIPC7\uninstallFSUIPC7.exe
Updating registry...

Could somebody please help me get this running and walk me through steps in noob terms please!!  :)



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Oh wow! Thanks for the quick reply! 

Ok, I just uninstalled 7 and downloaded and installed 4.  Haven't tried it yet...

What is the service pack you are talking about? I think I read a little on it and Gold edition has it already? So do I need to wait until I install my Gold edition before trying fsuipc?


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