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FSUIPC v6.0.10 and 05C4

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Hi to all,


I have a problem with the offset 0x05C4.

Simulator is P3Dv4 with PMDG 777 and mobiflight.

When the offset 0x05C4 (VHF 1 active) shut show 128.050 or other values it will show 136.975 on the 7segment display and cannot be changed.

The value 0x05CC (VHF 1 standby) works perfect that mean in the 2d cockpit the changes by the encoder will be recognized and send via the transfer switch to the active display (also 0x05C8 and 0x05D0).

Has anyone an idea what is wrong, I checked already all the possible adjustments in mobiflight and also the other values like 0x034C and 0x0C54.


Greetings from Austria, Harald

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Don't the active/standby frequencies swap in the offsets when you do a Com Stnby Radio Swap?

What do you see in the BCD offset 0x034E for COM1 /VHF1 active frequency?

This is a well used offset and I doubt very much that there is an issue with this in FSUIPC, so I think it must be due to either your PMDG or mobiflight config, neither of which I am familiar with unfortunately. I know PMDG like to do there own thing, but if the COM2 offsets and the COM1 standby are all ok, it is surprising that the COM! active is faulty.

I did read somewhere that the comms can be disabled in the FMC when using PMDG - maybe you can check if you have SIM COMMS DISABLED in the FMC? Not sure if this is relevant: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/460188-activate-atc/


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Hi John,

 the link was it.

  However there is a user option which enables you to avoid doing this, controlled from the FMC CDU:

               The choice is either WHEN FAILED/MISCONFIG or NEVER

 To NEVER the right frequency is shown and the swap works.

 Thanks for your help, Harald

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