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How FSUIPC keeps me flying with MFS 1.10


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After downloading patch 5 for MFS (the one resulting in version, MFS crashed reproducibly during launch before showing the main menu.

I was told to remove all my USB game controllers and try again. MFS launched fine. I plugged in my pedals, MFS crashed.

I was told to remove all my custom "input profiles" (the files where MFS stores the assignments made in Options / Controls). MFS launched fine with all game controllers connected.

I opened Options / Controls. I now have only three devices there: Mouse, Keyboard, TrackIR. MFS does no longer recognize my CH Pedals, my Warthog, my custom throttle quadrant (Bodnar board), not even my Xbox Controller.

I smiled.

Fired up FSUIPC, started flying.

Thanks, Pete & John!


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I'm getting a CTD when starting with my devices connected, and also when re-connecting them. I only have "empty" "input profiles", except for keyboard and mouse. 

7 hours ago, aurel42 said:

I was told to remove all my custom "input profiles" (the files where MFS stores the assignments made in Options / Controls). MFS launched fine with all game controllers connected.

This is interesting. Could you let me know the location of these (and if you are using Steam or MS Store version) and I'll see if this works for me.



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I found them under ...\Steam\userdata\<my steam id>\241100\remote  following the advice in this post:
I also disabled Steam Cloud synchronisation, as also advised in that post.

However, this does not work for me and I still get a CTD if I have my devices connected or when I connect my devices.

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Funny story: I wasn't aware that I was supposed to disable Steam Cloud Synchronisation. And, indeed, after I deleted the input profiles, I could see them being restored just before the actual MFS process was launched by Steam. And, yet, even though it makes no sense at all, removing the files (albeit only temporarily) seemed to solve the issue for me.

There is one other change to my setup which could have had an effect: I know that my CH Pedals were part of the problem, because, when I had all other devices disconnected and plugged in the pedals, MFS crashed immediately. I had used an USB port on the mainboard for the pedals, but I had to get up from my comfortable chair to plug and unplug them. I decided to plug them into an easily accessible USB hub instead. That could've been right around the time that I got the advice to remove the input profiles.

I might have violated the basic debugging principle "one change at a time" there.

Another explanation for the difference between your and my situation could be that whatever is causing the crash (perhaps a specific assignment or type of assignment or a specific sensitivity setting – they DID change something about the sensitivity setup according to the patch notes) is already present in the default input profile for your device(s) that trigger(s) the crash, so even with all custom profiles deleted, the sim reads the default profile and crashes while parsing it. I seem to remember that the sim didn't know about my ancient (ca. 2004) CH pedals, so it didn't have a default input profile for my "problem device".


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Got it working now, after a few attempts. Seems like the cloud syncing was being turned on again and replacing the deleted files, causing the CTD. Looks like the files have now gone from the cloud now so no CTD.

The MSFS controllers page shows my devices, but now with no profile assigned at all. My keyboard now also has no profile, and I only have the 'DEFAULT' profile for the mouse. And clicking on any device still shows the mouse assignments!

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