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problem with newest version FSUIPC 4.975a

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I had been using FSUIPC (registered) for a number of years,  but then I had stopped doing flight simulation for various reasons.  Recently, I have gotten back into it, beginning with upgrading my computer to Windows 10.  I have used  FSUIPC in conjunction with the  VRS add-on for the F18 Superbug.  My .ini file for this F18 pretty much covers every button, switch, toggle, lever or whatever in the cockpit.  When I started working with FSX again,  a few controls, for example  master batter toggle (C66241) and the left and right generator/alternator (C66363 and C66364) did not respond (almost all my other controls involve macros).   So I decided that maybe I needed to updated my FSUIPC.  I have just done so with my registered account and I appeared to have successfully updated my FSUIPC to version 4.975a.  However, now none of the commands in my FSUIPC4.ini file  are being acted on.  The log file shows nothing being detected when any of the buttons on any of my devices are pushed.   Should I try to re-install fsuipc 4.975a and does that require an uninstall?

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FSUIPC4.logI have attached my FSUIPC.ini file that includes my F18 Superbug profile and 2 other profiles for a Cessna and a Piper /warrior.  I have also included the main marco file (CM5, i.e. F18 cockpit.mcro) and a file (FSUIPC4.JoyScan) which appeared when I installed the latest version of FSUIPC,.  I've never seen this file before qith previous versions of FSUIPC, but I'm including it because you mentioned the JoyLetters facility, which I'm afraid I don't know anything about.  I have included log files which were produced after I pushed several buttons on the "C" device = F16 MFD1.  One other thing I wish to mention is that when button number 1 on both device C and D (MFD1 and MFD2) is pushed the view function is activated (K83, s).   I have a few other macro files and lua files that I don't think are important , but I could send you.

Hopefully, it is just incorrect GUID values that needs to be updated

FSUIPC4.ini F18 cockpit.mcro FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC4.5.log

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2 hours ago, georgefitz said:

Hopefully, it is just incorrect GUID values that needs to be updated

Yes, it was down to new GUIDs.

The INI has references to two devices which appear not to be connected at the time:


You do have assignments to E in the A2A Cessna, the Warrior, and the FSX Cessna profiles), but I can find none to F. Without the CH devices being connected, though, I can't fix that. Anyway, I've left the E= line in in case you reconnect it.

That leaves the two HOTAS Warthog devices and the two MFD devices. If you replace the [JoyNames] section in the INI file with the following, most of your assignments should be fine. Those to those two CH devices won't work of course.



0=F16 MFD 2
D=F16 MFD 2

1=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog
A=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog

2=F16 MFD 1
C=F16 MFD 1

3=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog
B=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog



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The updated GUID values for my various devices that you posted were recognized by FSX.    However, I wish to mention the following problem with 2 of my devices.   Specially, I have two Thrustmaster MFDs (MFD1 and MFD2) and each MFD has 20 push buttons and 4 rocker push buttons.   The problem is that, for both MFDs, buttons  0 to 9 (FSUIPC numbering, top and right side buttons) and the rocker button (20 & 21, located between buttons 4 and 5 in the upper left corner of the MDF) when the button is pushed causes (in addition to the expected command) an unexpected and not programmed event to occurred, e.g. for button 1 the view changes, with button 7 the landing gear toggles, other different events indicated by various  FSX control numbers are associated with the other 12 buttons.  None of the other 16 buttons exhibit this problem. Included are two log files, one button with an unexpected event and one button without a problem as well as the associated macro file CM1 (1VRS_LDDI).    I have recently upgraded to Windows 10, a new VRS upgrade and the new FSUIPC.  Not sure what’s causing this problem and how it might be fixed.  I have log files for each of the 28 buttons if that would help.


no problem button.log problem button.log 1VRS_LDDI.mcro

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the answer is already within your question!


an unexpected and not programmed event to occurred, e.g. for button 1 the view changes

Typically button 1 for any controller is in FSX standard for View change like Key "S". In your case the "unexpected" behavior is because you didn't untick the box "Enable Controllers" in FSX, “SETTINGS\Controls\Calibration\Controller”. So FSX uses in addition the standard layout for any controller connected, as long you didn't remove any associated definition in FSX.


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