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Registration seems expired in latest key?

Joe Nekrasz

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I have the same issue as others reported, I just uninstalled and re-installed using the installer located here:   http://www.fsuipc.com/download/FSUIPC7.zip

Is there a newer link? The about window says it expired on 8 September 2020. I've been using the beta all of October before this. 

The key file was created on 10/28/2020 but this is what is says inside:

Name=MSFS Beta License
Address=Time Limited to 08/11/2020

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Hi John,

I followed your directions in the other threads. I uninstalled in the directory per your request. The uninstaller didn't delete the .key file so I also removed that by hand. I re-ran the installer and it works now. The other times it didn't work I did the uninstall when it asked during the install process. All ok now on my end. Looking forward to buying the final release. 

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Ok, I figured out what happened on my end. Is it possible the default install path changed somewhere in the beta releases? I'm sure I just accepted the default install location but this last one installed to C:\FSUIPC whereas the older beta I had installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\FSUIPC. I had to remove the other install as this was the one that was autostarting. 


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3 minutes ago, Joe Nekrasz said:

It shows the same 8th September 2020 expiration

I really don't understand this. I don't think I have never issued a key with such an expiration date. Where did you see this? The key file you quoted shows 08/11/2020 - 8th November not September.

7 minutes ago, Joe Nekrasz said:

I figured out a work around. I have to run it as administrator for it to work. 

That's even stranger? Did you install under a folder that requires admin permissions (e.g. Program Files)? 
And why would it access a different key file (with a different expiry date) when running as admin? FSUIPC7 only checks the FSUIPC7.key file in the same location as the FSUIPC7.exe, which has an expiry of 8th November, as your initial post shows.

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12 minutes ago, MatzeH84 said:

cannot register

But you do not have to register. If you click the Register button it will say its invalid. Just click Skip.
The installer will not valid time-limited licenses, and the beta installer installs the key file anyway so you can skip this process.

Try the attached key file, although it should be the same as the one you have: FSUIPC7.key

If you are still having issues, you can post your install log files as well as your FSUIPC7.log file.

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I did end up getting the latest to work but this was a screencap from when it was giving me issues. I just checked the latest and I understand now that the 8th September must have been the version date of the particular beta I downloaded. The new one shows 30th October 2020 in the same about window. 


All is good. My real issue was somehow having two copies of the beta in two different folders. I suspect the startup was running the expired one after I installed the newest one. Deleted that one, the latest works fine. 


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12 minutes ago, MatzeH84 said:

I can press skip, but then I cannot access the assignments for buttons and axis.

You need to download the latest key file. Already many posts about this unfortunately. I do publish the information - it is (was now!) a beta, and as such you should try to follow the announcements on each release as to what to do. Once released, (and out of beta) this won't be an issue.....

The key file you need is on the FSUIPC7-beta announcements page: 



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