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Reverse Thrusters not working


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Hi Martin,

how were you activating the reverse thruster?  You have very few assignments, no axes or key assignments and only 3 valid, as well as 4 possibly invalid, button assignments, all assigned to your HOTAS throttle:


1=RA,28,K113,8     -{Key press: F2}-
2=UA,28,K113,8     -{Key press: F2}-
3=RA,30,C1061,0     -{}-
4=UA,30,C1062,0     -{}-
5=RA,31,C1063,0     -{}-
6=UA,31,C1064,0     -{}-
7=PA,19,C66704,0     -{APU_STARTER}-

Controls 1061 - 1064 are for engine 1-4 autostart - I'm not sure why these aren't commented correctly - are they working?

An unrelated question - are you using a Steam or MS Store installation? Seems to be the latter, but FSUIPC isn't detecting your FS Path correctly.

Could you please try the attached version - just run it and close, then attach your FSUIPC7.log file.




Later: sorry, it is reported:
    78 FS UNC path = "\\PILOT\MSFSPackages\"
just some earlier logging for the MSFS install was commented=out, which confused me.

You can continue to use that version if you like - it will be released later today (or tomorrow), with an updated installer.

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Reverse thruster is activated by lifting the throttle levers over the bar to #29 and #30 on the Hotas Warthog.

It is a Premium Deluxe Boxed version, but then through MS Store.

Engine autostart, I've not tried lately, but will look when I start MSFS again.




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The 4 auto starters checking now on B747-8, do operate but they cutout when N1 reaches 2.6!

The reverse thrusters were assigned, but just to be sure if I now use your installer which you attached, I will now copy over my ini to use.




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32 minutes ago, katoema said:

The reverse thrusters were assigned

Not in the ini you posted, as I said.

33 minutes ago, katoema said:

if I now use your installer which you attached

It was the FSUIPC7.exe attached, not the installer. I'll be releasing an updated installer later today (or tomorrow), also with a new version of FSUIPC7.exe (which will again be different from the above).

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