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Assignments in FSUIPC7 vs MSFS (disable controllers?)

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Trying to figure out how best to use FSUIP7 to calibrate the settings for CH Products yoke, pedals and throttle quad.

In FSX and P3D, in the options/controllers section, there is a tick box for each item that will  activate each controller so you can adjust the settings in the Sim. left un ticked, we than can use FSUIPC for the adjustment. If by mistake you leave the boxes checked, there will be errors when trying to use FSUIPC to calibrate the controllers.

How do we do this in MSFS? As far as I can tell, there are no Enable boxes in the sim. If we use FSUIPC to calibrate the controllers wont there be an error because we have the controllers active in the sim. How do we dis able the controllers in the sim so we can use FSUIPC for all calibrations?


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In MSFS, you cannot disable controllers. However, you can create an empty profile for your controllers.
If you create a new profile it will automatically be empty.

It also seems that MSFS doesn't suffer from the same problem (i.e. automatically re-assigning to a controller) as P3D/FSX, so you can mix and match, and assign to some controls in MSFS and others in FSUIPC7. This is useful as there are quite a few controls (e.g. for view control and slewing) that work in MSFS but not via SimConnet (i.e. in FSUIPC7).
The alternative to assigning such controls in MSFS is to assign in FSUIPC7 but to an MSFS keyboard assignment (this is how I currently control my views and eyepoint).


P.S. Try yo give your posts an appropriate title! This helps other users who have a similar query. I will update it.

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  • John Dowson changed the title to Assignments in FSUIPC7 vs MSFS (disable controllers?)

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