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EMB SP2 FPS problem V5

Kylian Rogers

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3 hours ago, Kylian Rogers said:

Hello, from what I see, when we do not find a solution we do not respond!
I paid 70 euros for a airplane and a
customer support but I see that you do not repond for 3 days but your active for the other.
So does we have any news about the problem ?

Most issues like you are reporting are down to individual systems and control setups. You have not provided much information for anyone to consider. Your video link shows some excessive control movements causing large attitude changes, but I can't see any reference to fps.

Did you install as administrator?   Do you use any anti virus?   What controller are you using?   There are various discussions on Avsim about certain controllers causing issues with other aircraft.   How is your controller calibrated?  Have you checked for any conflicting control inputs?   These could cause undue loading on your system.   Do you run the sim with full admin rights?   Have you tried a fresh download and a new clean install, with anti virus off.  Do you have any other third party aircraft installed?  If so, how do they react?

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Hi, as I said before, even with the controller unplugging the problem persists!
I use thrusmaster TCA Quadrant and Joystick, I re-install 4 times the E-Jet without anti-virus and in administrator in P3D V5 addons and in P3D folder.
The problem is with the flight control and not a controler, news videos here !


Have a nice day

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Further things to consider:

Does your Thrustmaster TCA use any additional software that could be causing a conflict with P3D?

Do you have any other third party aircraft installed that you could use to compare joystick and fps behaviour?

What is happening with your GPU and CPU when the fps drops dramatically?  You could try using 'CoreTemp' to monitor CPU temperatures and loading and 'GPUz' to monitor GPU loads and temps. Both are freeware downloads and quite reliable.  Cpu temperatures can change very quickly under load and cause throttling. 

All these things may seem unrelated, but clearly something is causing the problem you are having.  I have not seen other reports of this with the Ejets, although that does not necessarily mean it is not happening to others.

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Looking through your second video, you seem to have graphics issues with your system. The external view is not rendering anywhere near completely,  which suggests your GPU or CPU cannot cope with the graphics settings you are using. Have you tried lowering all graphics sliders in P3D to check the result?  What are your graphics settings?

I also do not understand the two instances where the same window is open multiple times, on top of the main view.  What other software addons do you have installed with P3D?  I suspect there is a connection between your fps drops and the strange graphics.


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2 hours ago, Kylian Rogers said:

Even without any external app it's the same.

Just saw a share of a person running Ejetv3 on P3Dv5 with lots of bells and whistles with no frame rate issues. 

Shows how each system is different: brand of MOB, GPU & CPU generation of MOBI, GPU & CPU, background processes, etc etc etc.

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11 minutes ago, Kylian Rogers said:

plane work perfectly when I don't move the joystick

This acts as if you have a driver problem that is sending corrupt/excessive data to the game as this was what was found when this behavior reported over the past years with this and other developer's planes.

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10 hours ago, Kylian Rogers said:

Hi again, I have this rendering issue for juste few seconde, time for P3D to load texture on every plane. I have a RTX 2080 Super GPU. I just reinstall my P3D, switch to 5.1 and it's the same with lag. I use a lot of addon with P3D,  activesky, toga project, chase plane, gsx, aivlasoft ect.

In your opening post you said you had a RTX2060 Super but later you posted that you have a RTX2080 Super. Is there a typo or have you changed your graphics card?   It's significant because there is a big difference in performance and you are running a lot of addons. 

You say things are perfect when you don't move the controls, but the delay in rendering the external view during the takeoff run in your video was for the entire 8 seconds that view was selected.  This is not normal. Your fps were around 21, but something in your system is restricting graphics performance.  As a comparison, my own setup has 2 outside view screens running from a GTX 1080ti and to render an external view takes about 1 second.  I use the E195 v3 exclusively.

In my post on November 20 I suggested monitoring your CPU and GPU workloads and temperatures when the fps drops are occurring.   This could help to show what is happening.

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