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Window position gets updated wrong

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Not sure how to explain this but I have seen this in other windows apps that save the window position.  I think it happens more with fsuipc 7 is moved to another monitor.  In the ini, there is a value called window with a x,y,xd,yd, where x, y are the upper left corner position and xd yd are the horizontal length and vertical length.  Normally this is something like 500,500, 1000, 800.  So when I choose show from the icon, fsuipc shows normal.  However sometimes when the program is closed the window values are saved -5000, -3000, 1000,800.  So when show is selected to display main window of fsuipc it cannot be seen.   So I close everything and edit the ini window values. 100,200,800,600. That fixes it.  I move and resize the program and then exit to save the position. 

this has happen since day one and was just waiting to see if it fixes itself.  They update to windows build 20h2 broke it again. I would see a way to show the fsuipc 7 application with a default position although not to edit the ini file.

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2 hours ago, Dean Salman said:

 However sometimes when the program is closed the window values are saved -5000, -3000, 1000,800.

Do you know when this occurs? Can you provide steps to reproduce?

I have been using FSUIPC7 on a multi-monitor set-up (3 monitors) with FSUIPC7 positioned on different monitors and I haven't noticed it losing the monitor or correct position so far.
Are you maybe using nvidia surround configuration? Are your monitor ids changing?

If you can let me know how I can reproduce I'll look into it.

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I have seen this for years even in apps that I write. The only thing I can suggest, which you may already be doing, is to check the window state before saving the window coordinates and if is is minimized to the tray don't save the position. The other thing I have tried is to get the combined screen size at app startup and if my window position is not within those boundaries I reset the position to 0,0 or 100,100 or similar. Seems to be a Windows issue that's been around a long time.

Just my 2c.


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I agree, maybe a windows issue.   It is impossible to find a pattern.   Some apps offer a reset window position.  I have seen this in another app with just one monitor.  I think windows gets confused. Lol. I will add this time it happened after the windows update Oct 2020. Monitor numbers stayed the same. Whats odd is the crazy numbers that get saved. -5045. Numbers like that.   Maybe James has the idea, read the values and if they are negative numbers reset the window position 

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