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MakeRunways 64-bit release version 5.11 released (includes MSFS)

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An updated version of MakeRunways is now released which works with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) as well as FSX and P3D.  The main changes from the currently released version are:

1. It is converted from a 32-bit application to a 64-bit one. This is because it runs out of memory processing the largest MSFS airports (eg LFPG). It didn't crash, just carried on without providing some data -- mainly taxiways (T5.csv) for such airports.

2. It copes with airports with more than 4095 taxiway points, such as the MSFS airports KATL and LFPG. (This problem never arose with P3D or FSX).

You can download it using this link: 


It is also available on FSUIPC.com and in the 'Useful Additional Programs' thread in the Download Links folder.

Version 5.11 includes a fix to the /+Q ("quiet") option so that the process terminates correctly after all the files are produced.

Please be sure to read the included MakeRwys README document. Instructions for use with FSX and P3D haven't changed, but a section about MSFS is added.

Thanks go to Matt Johnson on fsdeveloper.com for his invaluable help with the formatting and encoding of the scenery BGL files. There are many important differences from the FSX versions.

Note that the MSFS data does not currently provide Country names, so for "Official" sceneries that field in Runways.xml will be blank.

Pete Dowson, 23rd November 2020


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On 1/10/2021 at 12:35 AM, KevyKevTPA said:

My question is, what is it, and what does it do?

If you don't know, and don't use any programs which need it, then you don't need to know. But if you are curious try reading the included document.



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