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Kaspersky detects FSUIPC7.bat as a virus


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My Kaspersky AV keeps deleting FSUIPC files which was discussed here already. I  know it is a false positive. I spoke to Kaspersky but they seems cannot help. I wonder if anyone who has Kaspersky AV figured out how to prevent Kaspersky from deleting (disinfecting) FSUIPC7? I followed all steps Kaspersky suggested steps but it did not help. 

Thanks for looking. 

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The .bat file just contains a html page with an embedded javascript section which I guess is the problem. Not sure why Kaspersky (and also Malwarebytes flags this as a virus. Other virus scanners seem to be ok, although I have had one report of Windows Defender marking it as suspicious, which is strange...
I'm not sure there's anything I can do about this, you just need to add an exception or restore it once quarantined, however the virus checker works. I don't have or use Kaspersky, so I can't really advise.


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Kaspersky devs has reached me out. I sent them files and they are looking into it. I added files to exemption but Kaspersky still does not like it. Will see what they find. 

Also It started flagging SDK-Python zip folder, also google drive and gmail flagged that foldder as virus (I sent KA files via gmail and google drive).



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Hey, I have Kaspersky and I had the same issue for a while. I may have found a fix. It would happen all the time when starting MSFS from the FSUIPC7 shortcut. Even if I added the entire folder as an exemption on Kaspersky, it would still flag as malware.

If I start FSUIPC7.exe first from the installation location, and then start up the game from steam (or shortcut for steam) it works fine. It's been fine for at least a week so I think this may be solved. 

Hope it helps.

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