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Hotkey to activate FSUIPC screen in MSFS


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4 minutes ago, cellular55 said:

could you please remind me which is the hotkey to open the FSUIPC 7 screen when inside MSFS?

The default hot key for this is Alt+F.

5 minutes ago, cellular55 said:

I cannot find anymore the post or the documentation where the key sequence is mentioned.

Its mentioned in the included README.txt, and on page 5 of the FSUIPC7 User Guide:


You can use a “hot key” to show and hide FSUIPC7's main window at any time, regardless of which application has the
current focus. This hot key is registered when you start FSUIPC7 and is determined by the ini parameter

InvokeFSUIPCOptionsKey. The default hot key assigned is Alt+F, by the following line in the [General] section of
your FSUIPC7.ini file:

where in the above example, 70 is the F key (0x46) and 12 is the modifier (which is
actually a hex value, 0x12 which is VK_MENU, i.e. the Alt key).
For a list of the key codes and modifier codes, please see the windows Virtual-Key Codes list, available at:

Note that the main key is specified as an integer value, whereas the modifier is given as a hex value but not preceded by
For no hot key, you can use

FSUIPC7 must be restarted for any changes with this ini parameter to take affect.


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