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No taxiways visible Pro Atc X

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37 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said:

Thanks. Would it fix them automatically though? I've not got much confidence in my graphical abilities.



Sadly not. It's a manual job to do that. There are 13 broken taxi links in EDDB_AFX_OP01-BER.BGL. I've attached the report generated by ADE. I'm not sure how much impact this has on Ai. They seem to behave okay despite the ADE warning they may not. But it make have an impact elsewhere.


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Pete, I've been deleting the broken links and recreating them but for some unknown reason ADE v1.78 still sees them as broken. It probably needs reporting to the author. For now there doesn't seem to be any point in trying to correct them. Hopefully the t5.csv I supplied will help you.

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29 minutes ago, Ray Proudfoot said:

Sadly not. It's a manual job to do that. There are 13 broken taxi links in EDDB_AFX_OP01-BER.BGL.

I don't think they could make a taxiway go missing altogether.  Might mean there are little gaps in them. But if you look at my last pic above you'll see complete missing sections. Would the odd missing link do that?

I suppose it might where the missing bits are straight sections. But the missing curved bits must have lots of defined points to describe the curve.

Actually there appears to be only one short curve missing. Maybe your 13 missing links are enough for the 6 or 7 straight bits missing and that main curve?

Email sent.



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On 12/14/2020 at 1:42 PM, Pete Dowson said:

I'm posting again just to bring this up to date and correct an earlier mistake of mine. The version I am using is the P3D5 one. I hadn't realised this was a completely different version to yours. Mine was I've managed to find the ASUpdater (which is useful -- never seen it before, but it was evidently installed at some time in the past), and have now updated EDDB to version, which I assume corresponds to your The readMe says:        - Changed Gatesnumbers to fit regular Numbers (1502 -> 15) 
        - Changed Gate usage to actual ICAO Airlinecodes after switch of TXL
        - Add centerline and light to Taxiway B
        - Prevent soft ground
        - Changed Concrete Textures of ground to get better differnce to Markings

I noted that the scenery, though sold by Aerosoft, is by 29Palms. Is your version by them too?

Anyway, after installing the update I ran MakeRwys and checked the T5.csv. I now get the same as you, just 6 taxiways.

The airport files I have are:


As an experiment I renamed two of them, thus:


Doing that appears to make it all work correctly.  I don't know why. I also see that EDDI is included in some detail. Strange.

Anyway, you could try something similar with your three airport files.

I've reported these problems to 29Palms, on their Forum, and will await their advice and resoning.



Yes my scenery is from 29Palms too.

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