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Hey guys.

I've been working on a before-covid schedule for KEWR. When i just tested it, it loads as it should, but no airplanes is at the gates (not even just whites). But a GA aircraft reports ready, and an inbound plane reports as well. But why no aircraft at the gates??. What could i have done wrong?? 😕

How i have written it:


How the original schedule is written:

EWR, MIA, 738, UA, 2333, 12:00, 08:19, 1, UA
EWR, BOM, 77W, UA,  829, 12:00, 08:17, 1, UA
EWR, BWI, CNF, C2, 8311, 12:00, 08:14, 1, C2
EWR, MCO, 738, UA,  354, 12:00, 08:12, 1, UA
EWR, CLT, 321, AA, 1575, 12:00, 08:10, 1, AA
EWR, IAD, CNF, W#, 7303, 12:00, 08:09, 1, W#
EWR, PBI, 739, UA, 2219, 12:00, 08:06, 1, UA
EWR, BOS, BE9, A8, 8310, 12:00, 08:04, 1, A8
EWR, IAD, CNF, C2, 8313, 12:00, 08:01, 1, C2

Could this be the problem?

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@DeltaVII. Yes i made changes to the terminal file. But only to add/remove a few airlines, so it matches up with the airlines in my schedule .

@crbascott I have just tested it with a snippet of the schedule in the hours 12 - 4pm, and then it works without problems. So apparently its the full schedule that is the problem. 

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7 hours ago, Dalsgaard83 said:

@DeltaVII. That would be weird, if the simple error of a point instead of a comma, would make the whole schedule not to work. I'm checking the schedule for any other errors that might be present 😉

It's actually not weird at all - at least for T!3DP and some other programs processing comma-delimited files. One missing or out of place comma can throw everything out of whack.

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