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Pushback Offsets behave different to P3D?


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I configured my hardware buttons with MSFS to control pushback and then when I tried the setup also with P3D it didn't work there. It seems the offsets for read and write pushback states are a bit switched on MSFS.

E.g. when I'm reading 31F0 I get '1' for tail left and '2' for tail right.
But to actually trigger the pushback I have to set 31F4 to '2' for tail left and '1' for tail right, so '1' and '2' seem to be swapped on 31F0 and 31F4.
And when I set it up this way it did work in MSFS, but not in P3D, where it looks like it is not switched.

This is with FSUIPC 7.0.2.
In the offset list it says the status should be the same between those offsets, so It looks like its wrong for MSFS.
Is this something that can be swapped in FSUIPC?

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1 hour ago, FPVSteve said:

Confirmed - yes, instead of Tail Left and Tail Right, Asobo were using Nose Left and Nose Right for the values.

Yes, This was a problem previously reported that we raised with Asobo, but I added a temporary fix so that previous assignments would still work. 
When Asobo fix such issues, there is no feedback from them so we rely on user reports such as yours so that we can remove such corrections!.

Hopefully there aren't too many hacks like this that need reversing, but due to my failure in properly tracking such issues, I'm afraid we rely on user feedback to correct.

Thanks and regards,


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