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High VRAM usage


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I posted about this on Avsim before and there it was made clear to me that my issue is one that is inherent to the Embraer v3 series and not just on my end. So I'm posting here now to see why that is happening and what can be done about it. Note that I am on P3Dv5 HF1.

Specifically, the Emb v3 appears to have crazy high VRAM usage. So much so that it becomes pointless for me to even fly it. See below. I have done a survey of VRAM usage on my computer. I started out with the default flight, set the location to VTBS (Bangkok), chose the default F22. Because it's tjhe default flight, time and day are set the same every time. I then loaded the flight, waited a couple minutes for things to settle, made sure to look all around in both interior and exterior view so as to load all textures in view, and then I noted VRAM usage. I then quite P3D, restarted it, and moved on to the next aircraft. Here are the results:

  • Default F22: 3.2Gb
  • PMDG 738NGXu: 3.8Gb
  • PMDG 744: 3.8Gb
  • Aerosoft CRJ: 3.6Gb
  • Feelthere EMB-190 v3: 5.1Gb
  • FSLabs A320: 3.6Gb

My texture resolution setting is set to 1024.

As you can see, the Feelthere Emb-190 clocks in at a VRAM usage that is 1.3Gb higher than any other addon airplane I tested. This includes aircraft with PBR VCs, such as the Aerosoft CRJ. What on earth does the Emb-190 have that requires it so much more VRAM usage? And note that I already put my textures on 1024, thus 4k textures should not be the issue per se. It seems to me that the model must be grossly unoptimized, possibly by not combining texture files where possible. For exmaple, I see THREE textures that relate to the pilot, all at 4k. Isn't this a huge waste of space...? Also, I noticed that there is a virtual cabin that cannot be turned off.

From what I understand, the model and texturing was done by Aeroplane Heaven, but nevertheless: does Feelthere have any plans to tackle the high VRAM usage, or at least ask AH to do something about this? I just ain't really willing to push my settings lower just to be able to fly this one addon plane, and frankly I don't think I should need to when both computationally more intensive or graphically just as convincing addons seem to have little issue.


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Hi Benjamin,

The high VRAM usage is due to the fact that, even if it is not an "easy fps aircraft", Aeroplane Heaven developed the model only for v4.

The v5 version is just the v4 version with a installation patch to make it work with the new version of the sim. In fact, the v5 version still has a lot of visual bugs, such as the green windshield other lights problems and high VRAM usage.

Me and other users have already reported these problems, and the @FeelThere team is aware of these issues, hopefully working with Aeroplane Heaven to fix them. I think they have to work with the model (MDL) in order to make it work with the new shaders and light system of v5, optimizing it to consume less VRAM. 

I think it is not a big job to do so let's hope this will not take too much time.




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Thanks for your reply Riky. It strikes me as strange that a v4 model causes such a high VRAM usage. is this something specific to aircraft? Because while I noticed that v4 scenery doe snot seem to perform quite as well as v5 scenery, it doesn't lead to such high VRAM usage. It seems to me that it must then be a combination of v4 models and very poor optimization. Like I said before, these aircraft use four texture maps to cover the fuselage, have some special maps dedicated entirely to the pilots... and some of these are almost half empty! Surely they could have merged these textures? This is a little ridiculous. They really need to address this... FYI, this is not just a problem in v5. In v4, VRAM usage doesn't lead to immediate issues because of the differences between DX11 and DX12, but that doesn't mean that running out of VRAM in DX11 is 'okay'. Far from it: it will also lead to bad performance. So, for the sake of both the v4 and v5 users, this plane needs to be optimized rigorously.

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From what i know the textures and also the model of the aircraft is developed by Aeroplane Heaven, so Feelthere should ask them to optimize it a little bit.

They, as i show you in their statement, are aware of these issues. From the first release and then with 2 service packs a lot of things were fixed, so let's hope for a new service pack soon.





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I'm aware that Aeroplane Heaven did the modeling. Feelthere should definitely ask them to optimize the model a lot 🙂

I do hope that a next SP will deal with these issues. I suppose we can only wait and see. I appreciate your response, but it'd been great if you hadn't been the only one to comment here. Was sort of hoping somebody from Feelthere would give an idea as to how they might deal with this issue, either themselves or AH.

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