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AIG OCI AI Traffic Dissapearing


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Hello guys, i'm new using this SuperTrafficBoard V5 For Prepar3D V5 and idk why my AI traffic is apprearing and dissapearing and on the Status Board its like regenerating each flight and they appear and then dissapear as well as in the Status Board. Also in the ATC its like repeating the authorization and this specific thing is happening when the AI traffic asking for clearance suddenly dissapear and then it appears again. NEED HELP PLEASE.


Would thank anyone who can helps me and takes the time for it. 

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Sorry to say it's hard to imagine what you are seeing.  AI will come and go in the simulator, certainly, as events unfold.  But asking for clearance, then disappearing and reappearing again doesn't sound like something we'd be responsible for.  STB does have some optimisation techniques built in to improve the AI flow, but that should only affect arriving aircraft rather than departing aircraft.

Try disabling the optimisation and see if that helps you.  Go to Configuration, Settings and uncheck everything in the "Flight Control" section.


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I have seen a similar problem maybe 7-10years ago and it was in FSX.

This showed as aircraft at the gate getting permission to taxi but then disappearing and then respawning and going through this cycle many times. It happened at one particular airport that had a poorly designed airport layout where there were no connections between the gates, taxiways and runways. As a result the aircraft could not taxi.

So if this is only happening at one airport then the problem is likely going to be the layout issue I mentioned. If this airport is a commercially available one then you could go back to the airport dev and try to get their help. If you designed the airport then I'm afraid you are in for some serious redesign.

I really hope there is some help in this for you.

Best, Mike


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