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A step by Step for FSUIPC7, Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, and MSFS2020

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So it took me like a whole evening of piecing together multiple forum posts, and combing through manuals to figure out how to get this working perfectly. I don't have the Bravo throttle quadrant ... yet... but I've included some instructions that should apply when I do. Here we go...

1) Go to SimMarket and BUY FSUIPC7. The free version won't help you. You need to buy it. There is a missing (by design) menu option from the free version so this is a must. Here's a link for the google challenged 😜


2) You will get an email with your key and an install program that you should run. Do that. I installed into c:\FSUIPC7\

3) You'll need some LUA scripts to install, namely "hidAlphaButtons.lua", and "hidBravobuttons.lua". For context, here are the links to find those files from post Lua scripts for Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant and Alpha Flight Controls buttons > 32 - User Contributions - The simFlight Network Forums. I've attached them here as well.



4) Copy both of those files into your C:/FSUIPC7 directory (or where ever you installed it).

5) Open up c:\FSUIPC7\FSUIPC7.ini in notepad. Add these sections to it (make sure these sections are not duplicated anywhere else, they shouldn't be. To make it tidy I went through the file and added a blank line before every section name in square brackets (like [General], [JoystickCalibration], etc.). It's very important in the auto section to have "lua " before the file name, I spent an hour without that in there trying to figure out why it wasn't working. 😜 I've also seen a few times where the [LuaFiles] section gets duplicated. Not sure why that happened, probably my fault. It didn't seem to cause problems but I deleted the duplicated section anyhow.

1=lua hidAlphaButtons
2=lua hidBravoButtons


6) Launch MSFS2020. Go into Options Controls, and go to the configuration page for the Alpha Yoke. Delete all the switch and magneto bindings. If this is the first time you've gone in here you'll be prompted to calibrate first. 

7) Launch/relaunch FSUIPC7. Not sure this is needed but hey... just do it.

8) Select the FSUIPC7 menu option Assignments > Buttons & Switches

9) Flip all the Alpha Yoke switches to the off position.

10) For each switch do this ... Turn on. You'll see in the "PRESS" "BUTTON" boxes you'll see some values pop up.

11) For each function, go over and click the "Select for FS control" checkbox. You'll see the "Control sent when button pressed" dropdown is enabled, this is where you scroll down and find the applicable function.

12) Seems many don't know this, but you don't have to scroll through the hundreds of options, this is a searchable list, so just type in say Landing and you'll be taken down close to Landing lights. Select the right option for each toggle switch. Then flip the switch off and select the off command.

13) Some options don't have separate On Off list items in the drop down, namely Beacon, Taxi Lights, Nav Lights, and Strobes. For these you select "Taxi Lights Set" (etc), and for the OFF position you put a 0 in the parameters text box, and for the ON you put a 1 into the parameters.

14) The magneto selection still messes me up a bit. I think to do these and have the LUA scripts running correctly you have to have MSFS up and running and "connected" to FSUIPC. Otherwise I don't think you'll see changes in the "PRESS" "BUTTON" text boxes when you cycle past the first 2 Magneto positions.

15) So twist to the Mag position switch position to configure, click the "Select for FS Control" check box and select the appropriate command from the list.

16) I have also made available to download a partial piece of my INI file that shows the button allocations and how the LUA scripts get implemented attached to this post. I guess you could just skip these instructions and dump these in there... but hey ... maybe you want to be a little more hands on than that right?

Maybe once I get my hands on the throttle quadrant in Feb, I'll do a youtube video from start to end for both devices to work with FSUIPC and MSFS2020... but until then I hope this helps.

And please.. if there is a problem anywhere in my instructions... drop me a note and I'll try to duplicate your problem and fix this post.





hidAlphaButtons.lua hidBravoButtons.lua FSUIPC7-some.ini

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